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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Plonkers II


Those of you who think that The Grauniad's campaign to influence the US Presidential election, by trying to persuade people to vote for Kerry, is a tad "naive, interfering, arrogant and stupid"; may take heart from Nanny's friend Albert Scardino's, executive editor of the Grauniad, performance on Newsnight last night.

Jeremy Paxman, Newsnight's inquisitor in chief, pointed out that the campaign by the Grauniad may be more than a little irritating (as already noted on this site) to the American voters.

He then went on to ask Scardino:

"Do you not think that it is possible that if the election is too close to call, then your campaign may in fact get Bush re-elected?"

To which Scardino replied:

"Yes, that is entirely possible".


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