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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Nanny vs Auntie

Bambi II Nanny's Revenge

It seems that Nanny’s prissy media watchdog, Ofcom, and dear old Auntie (the BBC) are about to get themselves embroiled in rather an unseemly catfight.

A draft broadcasting code is being drawn up by Ofcom; which, according to Auntie, threatens to ban them showing Bambi.

It seems that Bambi may harm children, psychologically. Therefore, far better that Bambi is "killed off"; rather distressing in itself, I would have thought.

Auntie feels that the proposed rules would have a "chilling effect" on its freedoms. Even programmes featuring religious content, such as Songs of Praise, may have to carry a warning.

The proposed code contains the rather loose phrase that under 18s must be protected from "potential or actual moral, psychological or physical harm".

Auntie argues that some children are distressed by watching Bambi, whilst others are distressed by natural history programmes.

This, in effect, would give Ofcom carte blanche to ban anything they wanted; except, I suspect, the daily diet of mind numbing soap operas which contain a high level of violence and disturbing scenes.

Soap operas of course keep the population docile, and less inclined to think creatively and independently.

Nanny hates creative and independent thought.

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