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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, October 01, 2004

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Gordon Jackson MSP heads off to courtIn a splendid example to set the people of Britain; Gordon Jackson, not the late respected actor but Labour Member of the Scottish Parliament and QC, has decided to sue Edinburgh Council for £50K.

What was their crime, that was so great, that it prompted this bastion of public service to take them to court?

Nothing more than allowing some ice to come between Jackson’s foot and the pavement; causing the MSP to slip.

A more cynical soul might suggest that he would have been wise to look where he was going.

However, he feels differently, and is suing the council.

With this as an example, it is hardly surprising that Britain has gone compensation mad. £10BN paid out last year, and rising.

I understand that the MSP, who incidentally represents Govan not Edinburgh, earns over £250K per annum. Clearly he feels that the extra £50K will “keep the wolf from the door this winter”.

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