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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving

ThanksgivingI would like to wish my American visitors a happy, and peaceful, Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately the US Ambassador here in London has, yet again, left me off the invitation list for his Thanksgiving party in Grosvenor Square.

Maybe next year!

I am pleased to say that this site has won plaudits in the USA, in particular "A Nation of Riflemen" has written a very robust article recommending this site to its readers.

My thanks to Kim du Toit, the owner and author of "A Nation of Riflemen", for his article.


  1. Good. God knows you deserve all the recommendations you get, and then some more.

    Keep at it, people like you are much needed.

  2. You cheeky Brit! I love your style! I do so hope Nanny learns that you're not a child some day, but I'm not holding out hope! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving over here in Texas, and I unflinchingly nicked a technique from the neighboring state of Louisianna and Deep Fried the bird this year. It was oh so tasty! I highly recommend everyone in the free world trying it. Unfortunately, I've heard how expensive turkeys can be over there (My 1st cousin is an Expat living in Switzerland and paid dearly to host a thanksgiving dinner but it's really a tasty meal! You ought to have a mock-thanksgiving over there sometime just to enjoy the food!