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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Auntie Nanny's Little Britain

Auntie Nanny's Little BritainNanny’s friends in that venereal (or is it venerable?) British institution the Bland Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), “affectionately” known as Auntie, have decided that one of their programmes being shown on BBC3 is too “risqué” for their audience on BBC1.

It seems that the cult comedy “Little Britain”, which is currently being shown on BBC3, will have to be re-edited when it is reshown on BBC1 in December.

Some of the scenes in the show will be replaced with new footage, shot especially for BBC1.

Auntie's Board of Governors

Daffyd - The Only Gay in The VillageAuntie’s board of governors, seen above discussing the issue, have decided that some of the show’s references - including those made in Daffyd's "the only gay in the village" sketches - are unsuitable for what they deem to be a mainstream audience.

Now this is an interesting use of Nanny logic; Auntie, you must remember, runs both BBC1 and BBC3 both of which are broadcast throughout the UK. However, what she is saying is that the audience of BBC1 is not adult or mature enough to judge for themselves what they should or shouldn’t see.

Auntie does not think that her main audience are able to reach for the “off switch”, in the event that they see something that displeases them; whereas, in her view, the audience on BBC3 are able to make that judgement call.

The mainstream audience, in Auntie’s view, must only be spoon fed sanitised unstimulating mush. In other words, Auntie has a low regard for the intellectual abilities and maturity of her main audience; yet she is happy to take money from them.

You are of course aware that Auntie charges an annual licence fee, this is used to fund all her channels; including BBC3, which she believes caters to a minority (ie intellectual) audience.

This is a fine example of Nanny at her worst, where she applies a form of viewing “apartheid” between her own channels.

Only Nanny, in this case Auntie, is capable of deciding what you can and should watch; individual viewers are not capable of making intelligent, informed, choices.

Coming soon, to a television set near you, 24 hours live Eastenders!

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  1. The reason they can show more controversial stuff on BBC3 is because nobody watches it.