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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Sly Old Fox

Sly Old FoxThose of you reading the British newspapers, and watching the news bulletins, over the last month or so may be forgiven for thinking that Nanny has become obsessed with fox hunting.

She certainly has kicked up quite a fuss over the issue; professing, as she does, to have the best interests of animals at heart.

Oddly enough I see no legislation coming forward to ban shooting or fishing. Doubtless that will come.

In fact Peter Bradley, the parliamentary private secretary to Alun Michael, admitted that Nanny’s friends in Labour don’t “give a stuff” over the fox hunting issue at all:

We ought at last to own up to it: the struggle over the Bill was not just about animal welfare and personal freedom: it was class war…

This was not about the politics of envy but the polities of power. Ultimately it's about who governs Britain

Nanny meanwhile has stayed above the fray, in fact she has been almost invisible.

Maybe I am tad cynical, “surely not!” I hear you cry, but maybe Nanny has other fish to fry?

Does it not strike you as a little odd that a government so obsessed with media manipulation and spin has allowed, what in theory is a minority sport, to dominate the domestic agenda and media headlines?

The truth is that Nanny does not give a stuff about foxes, one way or the other. However, she has studied their wily ways, and is a sly old fox herself.

You see, ladies and gentlemen, whilst the media, the public and the “opposition” parties’ attentions have been diverted by the hunting issue; Nanny has quietly introduced, and passed, a most dangerous piece of legislation.

The Civil Contingencies Bill became law last Thursday, oddly enough the same day as the fox hunting ban went through with all that fuss.

The Civil Contingencies Bill allows Nanny, at the drop of a hat, to suspend the constitution and impose whatever restrictions on individual liberties and civil rights that she chooses.

Nanny can invoke her right to suspend liberties whenever there is an emergency.

Now, dear reader, what is an emergency?

Simple, anything Nanny says is an emergency is in fact an emergency.

This includes an event or situation, which threatens serious damage to:
  • Human welfare in a place in the United Kingdom

  • The environment of a place in the United Kingdom

  • The security of the United Kingdom or of a place in the United Kingdom
Damage includes:
  • Loss of human life

  • Human illness or injury

  • Homelessness

  • Damage to property

  • Disruption of a supply of money, food, water, energy or fuel

  • Disruption of an electronic or other system of communication

  • Disruption of facilities for transport

  • Disruption of services relating to health
In short, Nanny can now do whatever she likes when she likes.

You should now be afraid, be very afraid!

You may well ask where the media and the “opposition” parties were, when this “rule by dictat” bill was being put through parliament.

Ermm, that’s simple, they were chasing Nanny’s fox.

In truth the media and the "oppositon" parties failed the people of the United Kingdom, I trust that they will hang their heads in shame!

Nanny, I have to hand it to you; you are a sly old fox!


  1. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Meat is Murder. Abortion is Choice.

    Fox Hunting is Barbaric. "Choice" is a sign of a civilised society.

    Vote Labour for a better tomorrow!

  2. Let's see how this works; now the folks in the UK will have to trap the little buggers to keep them out of the hen houses; all those nasty horses will need to be put down, as well as the now uneeded hounds.As if both the UK and the US haven't allready suffered enough at the hands of insufferable liberals, now one of the truley British trademarks has been trampled to death. My sympathies from the colonies.