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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Politics of Fear

Nanny's Reich Propaganda Minister HainNanny’s special friend and chief propaganda minister, Peter Hain, has rather bizarrely claimed that Britain is safer under the “protection” of Nanny than it would be if there were a Conservative or Liberal government.

Reich Propaganda Minister Hain went on to say that the likelihood of a British September 11 was greatly reduced by the fact that Nanny was keeping a “watchful and protective” eye over us.

I am so relieved that Nanny is here to take care of us!

As if by magic a report appeared, on the very day that the Queen’s speech outlined Nanny’s proposals for increased powers over her “charges”, of a thwarted attempt by terrorists to fly a plane into Canary Wharf.

The one problem with this little scare story is that it is bollocks; the claim, in fact, refers to an alleged attempt over two years ago.

Do you not find it a little odd that Nanny and her Propaganda Minister chose to publish this story now?

The politics of fear is a very nasty and dangerous game; those that seek to rule by fear are morally and intellectually bankrupt.

So be it, since Nanny wishes to play the fear game; let us ask this simple question:

Do you feel safer in Britain now, during Gulf war II, than you did during Gulf War I (when Nanny was not in power)?

Please send your answers to Reich Propaganda Minister Hain at

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  1. He could be right. A chicken in a battery cage is probably safer from foxes than one kept free range. Given the choice however I would take the risk and stay out of the cage.