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Friday, November 12, 2004

Blunkett's Bouncers

Blunkett's BouncersNanny simply loves to tinker with Britain’s legal framework; she has a penchant for reorganising and abolishing the centuries of checks and balances, which have maintained a reasonably stable democracy in Britain.

However, she has often found that her desire to change was hampered by the very thing that she was trying to change; ie the British legal system.

Nanny needed a champion, someone who would remove this annoying obstacle to her will.

Enter David “trial without jury” Blunkett; a man who has made it his life work to increase centralised government control of the judiciary, and to abolish the basic legal rights that have been in place for centuries.

Blunkett, as we all know, has had a few “run ins” with the police over what he perceives to be their resistance to his policies; he feels that they are not helping him, and his mistress (I mean Nanny by the way!), implement their “master plan” for Britain.

Nanny and her champion Blunkett are not renowned for their patience; perhaps they perceive that their time is running out?

Therefore Blunkett in order to ensure that his legal rule changes will be enforced, without the foot dragging of the police, has decreed that he will appoint more community support officers and increase their powers.

In other words, he will be creating a private police force that will work directly for him; they will not be accountable, as the regular police force are, to the normal laws and regulations of Britain.

These community support officers, known “affectionately” as “Blunkett’s Bouncers”, will have the power to detain people for up to 30 minutes without a professional police officer being present.

Think about that for a minute, your neighbour or anyone else who joins “Blunkett’s Bouncers” will be able to detain you at their whim!

This uniformed band of citizens, shades of the Third Reich here I think, would also have other powers including:
  • The power to demand names and addresses

  • The power to confiscate alcohol

  • The power to issue fixed penalty notices for certain offences
This is a very dangerous path to follow; the creation of a private police force, accountable to the Home Secretary, exposes the British people to being exploited both by unscrupulous Home Secretary’s and the members of “Blunkett’s Bouncers”.

By the way if you feel that a few “Blunkett’s Bouncers” may not be too much of a problem, think on; the current membership of Blunkett’s private police force stands at around 3000, he wants the numbers to rocket to a staggering 25000.

In fact, Blunkett is already formulating his recruitment campaign.

Blunkett's Bouncers, coming to a town near you!

Worried now? You should be!

Blunkett's Bouncers, coming to a town near you!


  1. Wow that post really got to me. I can't imagine having my nosy neighbors here in America be able to detain me for over 30 minutes. You know I am amazed that people in the UK stand for some of this stuff. Is it reported? Do they Know? I noticed that alot of people in the UK were complaining that we took no interest in their politics. I decided to take an interest. Here talk radio is a great format. I listened to the BBc nothing of real interest. Then I started listening to a talk radio station out of London ,LBC, a little better but not much. Either stuff like this you are posting isn't being reported in the uk' msm or I am looking in the wrong places. Any ideas or places you can point me towards.

  2. Kingfish,

    Thanks for your post.

    In essence these stories are in the main media. However, they are hidden away under timid headlines; eg "Community Support Officers".

    Poeples' eyes tend to "glaze over" when reading such dull headlines.

    Unless you read, and think about, the stories being reported you won't realise the full implications.

    As to talk radio, you might find GLR or other London radio stations to offer something.

    Must confess I don't listen in much.

    Please feel free to tell friends, colleagues and media about this site.