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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Plonkers IV

Plonkers infest the Grauniad

Nanny’s friends in The Grauniad are up to their old tricks again. They well deserve their title of Plonkers, awarded to them by this site in October.

This time they have written a splendid piece of nonsense, justifying the nanny state. It gushes:

"The nanny state is the good state. A nanny is what every well-off family hires if it can afford it. So why do the nanny-employing Tories use the word as an insult? In the Commons and in their press, they bray like a bunch of prep-school bullies calling anyone a cissy if they do what nanny says..".

To read the full text of this garbage, please visit The Grauniad.

Unfortunately what the plonkers in The Grauniad fail to understand, is that Nanny’s desire for us all to be healthy in mind and body; is not out of selfless love for us as individual members of a strong society, but out of a desire to see a strong and productive workforce.

Why does she want a strong and productive workforce?

  • A strong and productive workforce means an increasing GDP.

  • An increasing GDP means an increasing tax take for Nanny and her friends.

  • An increasing tax take means more money for Nanny to spend on consolidating, and increasing, her power base.
Nanny believes in a strong state, that perpetuates her personal power; Nanny’s strong state acts to the detriment of those citizens who live within its borders.

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  1. The piece was written by Polly Toynbee. Enough said, really.