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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, November 15, 2004

Nanny's Traffic Lights

Nanny's Traffic LightsNanny has come up with some daft ideas in her time; but this one, I think, takes the biscuit.

Note: biscuit is one of Nanny’s proscribed substances, as it contains sugar. In order to comply with Nanny’s rules; I have to say at this point that I do not endorse the consumption, or use, of biscuits except in medically prescribed situations.

Nanny is now waging war against all forms of food, which she sees as posing a clear and present danger to our health. You will of course be aware that the human race has been in existence for around 150000 years; it has been able to handle its food affairs reasonably well, up until now.

However, “Nanny Knows Best”; she has decided to disregard the last 150000 years, and will be implementing a “traffic light system” for food labelling.

A what?

A traffic light system.

Nanny will divide food into three groups:

Nanny's Good, Bad and Ugly-The Good

-The Bad

-The Ugly

Each will be assigned a colour code; red for ugly (ie very bad), amber for bad and green for good. Needless to say only the most sinful of food will be assigned red such as; chocolate, confectionery, doughnuts, crisps and fizzy drinks.

Now, in theory, that is fine. A nice red label telling you that a bar of chocolate is high in fat and sugar, no doubt imparts information that you were not aware of; doubtless it will stop you from buying this product.

However, what about foods such as cheese, butter and milk?

Under Nanny’s rules these would be labelled red as well; after all, they are fat aren’t they?

On this basis are we to stop eating butter, cheese and milk products?

Or maybe, as we humans have discovered over the last 150000 years, we just need to exercise common sense; eg one bar of chocolate a day won’t kill us, 150 in a day might.

Nanny's Proscribed Substance

Nanny, get a life; and leave us to live ours!


  1. I could certainly see why this would be silly in the UK. Honestly, people there seem to be much more educated and able to do their own research. Here in America though I think that might not be a bad idea, it could cut down on the numbe of frivilous lawsuits filed against companies every year for not telling people things (that they should have already known had they a brain in their heads) about their products. Yes, this system is perfect for America.

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