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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Nanny Bans Fat People II

Nanny Bans Fat People IIIt seems that my post yesterday about Nanny Banning Fat People, where I suggested that obesity was but the thin end of the wedge, may have been somewhat prescient of the shape of things to come.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (perversely named NICE) have issued guidelines that suggest that medical help could be refused to heavy drinkers, smokers and those who are overweight.

Principle 10 of the guidelines on Social Value Judgements state:

"NICE and its advisory bodies should avoid denying care to patients with conditions that are,or may be, self-inflicted (in part or in whole).

If, however, self-inflicted cause(s) of the condition influence the clinical or cost effectiveness of the use of an intervention, it may be appropriate to take this into account

-Who decides what is self inflicted?

-Who decides what constitutes obese?

-Who decides what constitutes heavy drinking?


A poll by the website found one in five doctors said they had withheld treatment from a patient because of their "unhealthy" lifestyle.

Decisions are already being taken without our consent/knowledge, based on subjective judgements about our lifestyles.

The future is now!


  1. Surely the next edict from Nice will be that people over 75 shall not be treated because they are a drain on the State and their banning would enable more hospital beds to be closed and eventually hospitals also, so enabling all the Trusts to balance their books. And eventually the age limit can be lowered to 70 and then 67 which would be the new retirement age.
    Obviously this would not apply to serving or past Ministers

  2. pauline12:05 PM

    ...."this would not apply to serving or past Ministers"


  3. Pete Roberts3:33 PM

    What is obese? My bodymass index is 31, which according to the health Nazis constitutes borderline obesity. However I'm a keen open-water (wild) swimmer, and I've developed a layer of subcutaneous fat (blubber!?) which is the usual physiological response to frequent immersion in cold water. So despite being fit enough to be able to swim literally miles in open water, I'd be classified as a fat couch potato. Just goes to show how pigeonholing dosen't work.


    NB You never see a slim Channel swimmer!

  4. grant4:49 PM

    pete roberts makes a very good point. Clearly it would be ludicrous to consider him a couch potato so to deny him treatment for physical conditions would be entirely wrong. There will surely be enough exceptions by BMI number to make the whole assessment thing a nonsense.

    On the other hand anyone who chooses to swim frequently in cold water is clearly insane (in my view and representing semi-couch potatoes everywhere) and so any MENTAL and Psyshological care in general, that he might need at some future point, should, obviously, be denied since prior insanity has already been admitted as part of his post!



  5. Personally, I also was a little perturbed by 'Principle' 11 -

    "Although respect for autonomy and individual choice are important for the NHS and its users, they should not have the consequence of promoting the use of interventions that are clinically and/or cost effective."

    Clinically? Fair enough. Cost effective? Sounds a little like New Labour newspeak for 'you're too expensive to live. Please die.'