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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Prat Of The Week

Prat of The WeekThis week's Prat of The Week Award goes to one of Nanny's henchmen, Terry White, from the Labour Communications Unit.

White has decreed, in an email to Allan Murray a member of the public, that sports fans who wave the flag of Saint George are racist.

This follows on from a comment made by an ex-minister, Gisela Stuart (German born), who claimed that the rise of Englishness is a threat to democracy.

Mr Murray had written to Nanny saying:

"Why is it that as a party you dislike the English so much?

I am fed up to the back teeth with Labour's endless dumbing down of the English.

The Labour Party are trying to wipe England off the UK map

White responded in a rant worthy of Nanny herself:

"England, as opposed to Britain, has an unfortunate history around the world and within the British Isles and please do not say that it is all past.

It is a fact that the right and extreme right in Britain cloak themselves in the English flag, the cross of St George and claim to be the true representatives of the English.

Wherever there is hooligan behaviour, usually linked to extreme right-wing political groups eg, at football matches here and abroad, it is the flag of St George that is displayed

Utter....wait for it....bollocks!

Nanny is using the tired old argument that we should be guilty for our past, and to atone we must never mention our nationality again (except by way of shame).

Piffle and balderdash!

You can no more undo your past, than you can disinvent the wheel.

Nanny's Smooth Talking Bar StewardYet Nanny is more than happy to encourage "racial awareness", and a yearning for separate identities, by encouraging devolution in Scotland and Wales. I won't even begin to discuss the Smooth Talking Bar Steward's shambolic attempt at a Northern Regional Assembly!

When you start to unpick the fabric of a United Kingdom, that took many centuries of bloodshed and toil to unite, you will get a backlash.

Nanny has realised that she may have spoken out of turn here, and has done what comes naturally to her; she has disowned White. A Labour spokesman said:

"We cannot condone these comments and they in no way represent the views of the Party. We apologise unreservedly for any offence caused."

Too late, you have exposed your warped thinking to the world; now suffer the consequences.

Those of you who wish to tell White and Nanny what you think of them, can contact them at the following address:

Terry White
The Labour Party
16 Old Queen Street
London SW1H 9HP

08705 900 200

Cross of St George

Give them hell!


  1. What idiots these people are!! I wonder if there is just no hope.

    What many of us in his country are crying out for are strong politicians who are not fearful of starting a public debate about immigration, our rights, freedoms, culture and so forth, without the clown mentality accusing this sort of discussion as being "racism".

  2. grant5:01 PM



    Possibly. But the Terry White person seems to be right on the messages coming from other directions no matter how stupid they are. Or maybe it is just natural population shift and whatwever the grouping were that became known as 'English' are now moving on as others come to take the space. Interestingly quite a few seem to be heading for France where their ancestors may have started out before arriving here.

    Nice to see that the 'Party' hangs the bloke (I assume they would be a Terri if female?) out to dry immediately - no fannying around making excuses by the look of it.

    I wonder if they set targets for the number of colleagues to be stabbed in the back every month? Do you think they get double points if it is done when the poor sap being exposed to scrutiny is telling it according to the party line?


  3. grant5:13 PM

    Forgot to add to the last post ...

    A real concern is that there are probably hundreds, maybe thousands of party aparatchik who have been brainwashed to think the same way. We may not be free of them in our lifetime.

    Of course what they are allowing, indeed encouraging, to happen is the influx of outsiders to weight the balance in favour of non-English people having to some extent given the Welsh and Scots some options to retain an independent stance.

    What they seem to be achieving is an import, a disproportionate import by numbers, of further drug culture and criminals who think nothing of shooting a female police officer since life has little value in thier birth country. One also wonders about increases in certain diseases - AIDS for example - recently reported.

    Irrespective of any issues about asylum and any form of immigration it seems particularly stupid to keep squeezing the relatively low numbers of real tax payers for more and more funds to cover the costs of medical treatment, teaching these people to drive so they will be 'safer' on the roads (yeah, right.) and the cost of policing the apparent increases in crime.

    Or am I guessing completely wrong numbers in saying that?

  4. The clown at Labour H.Q. was only doing what Brussels wants. The French in particular via Brussels wants all trace of England removed which is why htere is no England in Brusselsspeak, only a collection of Nine Regions. To our eternal shame we have a so-called government which thiks that The EU can do no wrong and is quietly, without telling us, doing what Brussels tells us. A lot of oyher contientals would not cry if we disappear - like Denmark, Germany, Austria. Italy, Spain and Portugal.