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Friday, August 07, 2009


HarpersonHere's some free advice to Harriet Harperson, wrt her playing at being prime Minister.

Doubtless madam you are enjoying playing at being in charge. However, your suggestion that rape trials should have conviction targets is dangerous, to say the least.

Either the accused is guilty or innocent, you cannot set targets for convictions.

The setting of targets for convictions is the road to dictatorship, and a police state.

You of course are "intelligent" enough to know this, but you have placed your political career and headlines above principles and democracy.

Make the most of playing at being PM, you will never hold the office legitimately.

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  1. Speenzman2:12 PM

    Well of course rape courts should have conviction targets, after all aren't 99% of people in Nanny's view either rapists or paedophiles or bin-law tresspassers or somesuch other scum? Nanny knows they're already guilty they just keep getting let off by inconvenient things like innocence or not being found out because her plastic policemen are too busy filling out forms about apprehending people who put up flags on St George's day. Don't lose sight of what's important here people, targets, targets and targets, never mind all this innocence rubbish!

    Damn, I must see a surgeon about getting this tongue removed from my cheek...

    PS- the verification word is repes :-), how ironic!

  2. The most frightening thing is that Hattie Hormone is a qualified barrister.......Surely her suggestions bring into question the whole concept of the English Legal system; We have already seen this shameful government ride roughshod over so many of our legal doctrines and turn the criminal justice system into little more than an arm of HMRC as it seeks to raise revenue through our fine system....Kerching.....The most significant change that ZanuLabour brought in was the need for the accused to prove that he had reasonable grounds to believe that he had consent rather than the accuser to prove she had not given consent nor implied consent......I agree with you Ken; Targets for convictions is wholly wrong and goes against all principles of our legal system.

    Two changes I would like to see in relation to the law of rape are these;-
    1) The accused's name and details not released unless or until convicted....Just an accusation of rape can ruin innocent men's lives and drives many to suicide.
    2) Where a woman deliberately makes a false claim to protect her current relationship or to get the male thrown out of the house or for him to loose access rights to his children, the courts should take a very dim view of such things and really throw the book at the liar.

  3. Harriet knows best2:33 PM

    You are all womanphobes just like that nasty man Peter Mandelson. I should really like to be rude to him about his sexuality, but I can't as that would be homophobic of me - so I shall just content myself with hating all men who are fathers in gainful employment and especially the middle class of that type - they are rapists or er rapists who are thinking about rape or peadophlia or islamaphobia or ....

  4. John B Stryge5:19 PM

    Were parking meters not introduced to pay for creation of off-street parking to replace the bomb sites that were being re-developed in London. Then came the parking ticket for the driver's convenience in not having to go to the Magistrates' Court when he committed the offence of Obstruction. We trustingly accepted the fixed penalty tickets and Nanny saw that it was good. Such a good thing had to be extended into every corner of life.

    If Harriden Harperson thinks we will fall for the "reasonable" introduction of targets in rape trials because it is difficult to prove, she is probably right. Will the chorus of "if you are innocent, you have nothing to fear" still echo across this land when the only people without a conviction for something will be MPs - who can write the law to exclude themselves.

    Incidentally I'm sure I read recently that the amount of original scheme parking meter revenue spent on off-street parking was zero, but I'll take correction on that.

  5. Tonk.5:27 PM

    Something else struck me about the hypocracy of Hattie Hormone......Her husband is to be parachuted into a safe Labour seat(do such things still exist?)...Surely that seat should be reserved for a member of hattie's sisterhood or another one of Nanny's pet groups that need special treatment.....Doesn't any one legged, single parent, black, lesbian, muslim pensioner from up t'north want to stand then:-))

  6. I was an elected member of the executive committee of the NCCL (now 'Liberty') for several years when Harriet Harman was its Legal Officer and Patricia Hewitt was its General Secretary. Even then it was obvious that these two were pushing a feminist agenda - we called it "the Hattie and Pattie Show".

    There is nothing inherently wrong with a pro-feminist agenda, but when it not only results in positive discrimination (all-women candidates lists etc.) but also skews our legal system away from the traditional and all-important presumption that an accused is innocent until proved guilty and puts the onus on him (or her) to prove their innocence, as several pieces of New Labour legislation do, something has gone badly wrong.

    Harman knows this perfectly well yet she had the gall the other day to say that the government could not interfere in Gary McKinnon's extradition because he would get a fair trial in the US and under British law he was innocent until proved guilty!

    The mind boggles, except that I have long since stopped being surprised by any of her potty pronouncements.

  7. You should show respect by referring to members of this government by rank or title. I believe it should be Obersturmbannf├╝hrer Harperson.

  8. Anonymous3:11 AM

    Is not the conviction rate related to some degree to the savage penalty?
    After all if the penalty was increased to death then there would be few or no convictions.
    Refusal of juries to convict on such penalties is not new.

  9. Julius Caesar2:17 PM

    Heaven help us all, if she ever gets to be prime minister: things are bad now, but they will be ten times worse if that were to happen.

    I agree with the changes you suggest concerning the law on rape, Tonk. My own suggestion is this: where a woman makes a false claim she should forfeit her right to anonymity and receive the same sentence the man would have been given if he had raped her, with no appeal. Don't get me wrong, rape is an appalling crime, and those who commit this offence deserve the severest punishment. However, the concept of 'innocent until proven guilty' MUST still apply in these as in any other cases.

  10. Sorry if this sounds dumb (I'm from across the pond), but what is meant by "conviction targets?" Is it a minimum number of convictions per trails held?

  11. Casey:

    It appears from what "Hattie Harm'em" is saying, all tied up within her anti male pro women agenda, that she feels too few trials for rape taken to court end in a conviction. She is advocating targets which, as I understand it means she wants to see more men convicted.....Recently, the government (sic) made a decision to almost force The Crown Prosecution Service(CPS) to prosecute most allegations of rape, this did not take into account the likelyhood of a conviction, as the CPS pursued more and more such cases on flimsy evidence, so the conviction rate has fallen, Hattie doesn't like this as she hates men fullstop(Period). She has suggested that the CPS should up the conviction rate by working harder, and to a certain extent, the burden of proof has been moved......Our level of proof required for a criminal conviction has always been beyond reasonable doubt, this effectively means, "So that you are sure of guilt" and at trials, judges always make a point of saying if you are not sure, you MUST find the defendant not guilty.

    It seems Hattie would like to shift the onus further towards the male to prove his innocence rather than the prosecution to prove guilt.....Like so many things introduced by this government, they have ran roughshod over many pillars of our democracy......You should start to worry a little in your country as Mr Obama appears to be making many of the same noises and pursuing similar programmes to one Mr Bliar....I wish America luck in not becoming like my country dragged down by political correctness, 'elf'n'safety and looney left politics.

  12. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Targets targets targets Hattie knows that all men are rapists so just march them into court bang the gavel and send em down.

    It makes perfect sense to cretinous New Labia and its liberal co travellers in the 'wimmins rights' industry.

  13. smithy12:54 PM

    Harperson was being very very sexist the other week in suggesting that one of the top people in the party MUST be a woman, so men would be ruled out just for being men.

    Disgraceful behaviour - she wants to get back in the kitchen where she belongs !!!