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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Calling All Accountants

Calling All AccountantsMy apologies Ladies and Gentlemen if I wander "off topic" for a minute, I know that you are all desperate to talk about Mr "trial without jury".

However, I would like to ask all of you who are accountants, or who know accountants, to visit and spread the word about

ICAEWMy professional accounting body, the ICAEW, is planning to merge with two other bodies.

This must be stopped!

Therefore, I have set up to fight the Council of the ICAEW on this issue.

Please can you help me, and get as many accountants as you know to visit the site and post their views on the merger there.

Additionally, please can the members of the media (particularly News International and the BBC) who I know read this site put the word out about

Many thanks for your time, and help, normal service will now resume.


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