Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, December 30, 2004


HamsDear Nanny,

I have a small request. Now you, and the regular readers of this site, know that I am the last person on the planet to request that you impose more regulations.

However, I must draw your attention to the following most disgraceful occurrence that took place in my local Sainsburys yesterday.

I will set the scene.

I popped in to my local Sainsburys, eschewing the fact that Sainsburys with its bare shelves and missing product lines attempts to emulate the Soviet shopping experience, in search of a gammon for New year.

FYI, I do a very decent baked gammon (pineapple, cloves etc); see Accountants Can Cook for the full monty.

Anyhoo, making my way past the ever empty shelves, I found the gammon fridge; this was surprisingly well stocked.

Unfortunately, to my horror and disgust, a child of about 8 years old was sitting in the fridge with her backside planted firmly on the gammons; hams upon hams, so to speak! Her mother, seemingly blissfully unaware of this, was in a heated discussion with the contents of her trolley or a mobile phone (I couldn't quite tell).

I was put off having the gammon, call me old fashioned but I really find food to be less than appetising if it has been sat on, we at Frost Towers will be having roast beef instead (see Accountants Can Cook for the recipe).

Therefore in view of this food contamination, and disgraceful behaviour, I would like to ask you to ensure that supermarkets in future display signs that clearly warn people not to sit in the refridgerator!

Thank you.


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