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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, December 06, 2004

Nanny Resorts to Theft

Nanny Resorts to TheftNanny is in a really bad mood, she is very very displeased with her “charges”; our eating, drinking and smoking habits have irked her for some considerable time.

However, she has now broadened her scope of attack on the lifestyles of her “charges”; and started to look at our spending habits.

She is most displeased, we are not spending enough money!

Nanny’s “economic miracle” only works if people spend an ever increasing amount of money, thereby further inflating the consumer bubble. Simply put, the consumer bubble may run out of steam; and the "economic miracle" will be exposed as the sham that it is.

Well Nanny is not going to tolerate that; therefore if her “charges” won’t spend their money, she will do it on their behalf.

Nanny will be stealing (let us be frank, that is what she is proposing) the alleged £15BN lying 'dormant' in Britain's bank accounts. She claims that she will spend this “nicked” money on raising enterprise and skills in some of Britain's hardest-pressed areas.

The Treasury PotThat of course is bullshit, revenues drawn into the Treasury pot are never “ring fenced”; they are treated as one lump sum, which Nanny and her chums dip into as they please.

Seemingly, Nanny’s definition of “dormant” means assets that have not been used for 1 year. In my humble view, that is not very long at all.

Nanny’s chum, Gordon “Smiler” Brown, has threatened to legislate to force banks to hand over cash.

Is this the Third Reich or what?

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  1. Anonymous11:14 AM

    "Your money or your wife !!"...If Blunkett survives and is moved to the Treasury.