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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Nanny Bans Christmas

Nanny Bans ChristmasFollowing on from yesterday’s post about Nanny’s friends in the TUC and RoSPA trying to stop people enjoying themselves at Christmas parties, it seems that Nanny’s friends in local councils and other organisations around Britain have been conspiring together to ban Christmas.

Here is a seasonal line up of some of the Nanny nonsense that threatens to spoil Christmas:
  • My own borough of Croydon have managed to snuff out any vestige of Christmas cheer in the borough this year, as they have banned Christmas decorations in the main shopping centre (see this site’s post "Croydon’s Crappy Christmas”). Those of you who wish to see how bad Croydon really is to live in, are cordially invited to visit

  • The Red Cross have banned Advent calendars, and Christmas decorations in their shops, as they deem that they may offend non Christians

  • Luton Council have given their Christmas lights the sinister sounding “Orwellian” name of Luminos. In their sick and perverted view of the world, the word Christmas is offensive to minorities

  • Nanny’s friends in Camden Council followed suit by renaming their lights, Festive Lights

  • Bury St Edmunds banned lights this year in case one fell on someone’s head.
    Jobsworth bosses at Jobcentres have banned Christmas decorations, they are a safety hazard!

  • Tower Hamlets Council have banned their staff using the word “Christmas”, when they attend their “Ch***tmas” lunch

  • Nanny’s Fourth Reich Council of Birmingham have banned Santa, as Santa is very offensive to non Christians
Now here’s a few radical thoughts, Ladies and Gentlemen:
  • We do, do we not, live in a Christian country

  • Our Prime Minister claims to be a practising Christian

  • Christmas is a Christian festival

  • We do not force non Christians to participate in Christian festivals

  • We do not suppress other religions, unlike some countries
Therefore we, as the residents of a Christian country, are perfectly entitled to observe a Christian festival; without Nanny’s Gestapo, and Council scumbags, trying to ban it.

There will come a time, and seemingly that time is close at hand, when we the citizens of Britain will come to regard Britain as a foreign land; ie we will feel that we are strangers, and outsiders, in our own country!

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  1. Anonymous12:47 PM

    When David Blunkett's 'religous hate' act is passed, will we be able to sue these councils?