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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Nannying Nanny

Nannying NannyNanny, as we all know, loves to tell people how to live their lives.

She never tires of haranguing us about our eating habits, our drinking habits, our smoking and our sex lives.

However, it has come to this site’s attention that Nanny has taken her eyes off the ball recently.

Maybe the burdens of Nannying an entire country are becoming too much for her?

You see ladies and gentlemen, one of Nanny’s special friends has been ignoring Nanny’s advice about sex (can I use the word sex in public?).

Nanny's FriendI won’t embarrass the poor chap by naming him here; that would smack of trial without jury, which is something that we don’t do in Britain.

However, Nanny’s chum has been having a bit of “rumpy pumpy” with a married lady. Something that Nanny doesn’t really approve of, as it goes against her strict religious beliefs.

Anyhoo, Nanny’s chum clean forgot to use a contraceptive; and inevitably there was a baby. No, my mistake, there were in fact two pregnancies during the relationship.

Remarkably careless of this person!

Now this may strike you as a little odd, given the fact that Nanny and her chums are always lecturing teenagers about having sex “responsibly”. Teenage pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases, are an anathema to Nanny; her shrill voice repeatedly reminds hormone fuelled adolescents to use a condom.

Unfortunately Nanny’s middle aged friend ignored her advice, and look where it got him.

Not a very good example to set the kids, is it Nanny?

Therefore this site, in the interests of setting a good example to the children, would like to offer Nanny and her friends a small piece of advice.

If you are going to shag someone else’s wife, for heavens sake use a condom!

Use a Condom!

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