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Friday, May 06, 2005

Nanny and Clyde

Nanny and ClydeNanny, for reasons best know to herself, seems to have a thing about sea and river rescue.

You will recall that, a while ago, I wrote that Nanny's Lottery fund had refused to give the RNLI a grant; because they did not follow an "affirmative" discrimination policy in respect of their rescues. See "Those in Peril On The Sea".

Now Nanny has decided that the river rescue service operated on the Clyde, by George Parsonage, is just too dangerous.

For him, and those that he rescues!

George has been operating the rescue service for many years now, having taken it over from his father, and has saved an estimated 1500 people.

In fact so successful is the service, that he was awarded a special life time achievement award yesterday by the Royal Humane Society in London.

However, on the same day that he received the award, Strathclyde Police have stated that they will no longer call upon his help.

The force claims that because Mr Parsonage, who runs the Glasgow Humane Society, is now working alone (his assistant left for Ireland) he poses a health and safety risk.

Presumably, if he were to attempt to rescue someone the police would arrest him?

I guess then Nanny could serve him with an ASBO?

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  1. Anonymous7:15 PM

    He now has an assistant but is still not used by the police. The Fire Brigade are meant to be doing it but are making a complete arse of it. Subsequently several people have now drowned un necesarily! I am going anonymous as I could lose my job over this.This is a very serious lplroblem that must be ammended now before more people die!