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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Nanny Bans Swimming

Nanny Bans SwimmingNanny is a strange old soul, on the one hand she exhorts us to exercise more; yet, on the other hand, she worries about our safety when we do try to exercise.

One such example of her schizophrenic thinking, is illustrated by the rather odd guideline issued by Nanny's friends in the Institute for Sport and Recreation Management (ISRM).

The guideline states that when families go swimming in public pools, under 8's should be accompanied by an adult who can be responsible for up to two children and that children under 4 years of age should be accompanied on a one to one basis.

In effect they are saying that one parent can only take one child into a public swimming pool, if that child is under 4. Therefore, families with one adult in charge who have one child under 4 and another additional child under 8 cannot go swimming.

Isn't this a little absurd?

I am told by Carolyn Warner, Chairperson of the Right to Swim Campaign, that the ISRM spoke at a recent meeting with Tessa Jowell; they stated that this guideline was based on only anecdotal evidence from its members, and not on any research.

In other words there is no basis for their safety concerns.

In fact ROSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) said, at the same meeting, that it was the over 8's who were at a higher risk of drowning.

However, they can go into a public pool unattended!!!!

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  1. Anonymous3:53 PM

    I work as lifeguard and I can completely understand this decision. When a parent brings two young children with them (who one can presume are under four), what sometimes happens, but not always, is that the parent looks after the younger child and can pay little attention to the second child.

    It is not the job of a lifeguard to act as a childminder for unattended children.