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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Nanny Bans The Daleks

Nanny Bans The DaleksDear oh dear, Nanny has got herself into a right old state over Dr Who and the Daleks again.

This time she is wringing her hands about the recent episode of Dr Who, which features "scenes of cruelty" to the last Dalek in the universe.

You should be reminded, that the Daleks were not exactly know for their sense of fair play themselves.

Anyhoo, in the end the Dalek issue is resolved by the creature self destructing.

Nanny doesn't like that, and is concerned that this "violent" message sends the wrong signal to children.

So much so in fact, that the BBC have been told by the British Board of Film Classification that they must place a PG warning on their DVD's of this episode.

Nanny's censors say that the sequence sets a bad example to children, because it implies that the only way to resolve disputes is through force allied with cruelty.

A spokesman for Nanny whines:

"However cross one might be with a Dalek, being cruel is not the way to deal with the issue. Some children might take it into the playground."

Now here you see a fundamental problem with Nanny's reasoning. The real world has shown, very clearly, that there are times when only violence can resolve a dispute.

The elimination of the Nazis could only be achieved via violent actions, the appeasement practiced by pre war politicians merely encouraged them to commit greater atrocities.

Indeed, even Blairy Poppins herself is not averse to using violence to "correct" the odd political impasse, eg Iraq.

Now, if you hide this uncomfortable reality from children they will be ill prepared to handle life's problems; thus storing up more trouble for the future.

Violence is as much a part of life as love and laughter.

Sorry Nanny, you can't have one without the other.

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  1. Anonymous1:31 PM

    "However cross one might be with a Dalek, being cruel is not the way to deal with the issue. Some children might take it into the playground."....

    But presumably, Nanny's chastisement of those naughty Iraqis by illegal invasion, mass murder, occupation, and property theft doesn't constitute cruelty, and represents a splendid moral example ;-)