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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wakey Wakey!

Wakey WakeyI am pleased to see that Nanny is going to get tough on anti social scum.

One of her "solutions" to anti social behaviour, in her new "respect" agenda, is to train scum to get up early in the morning.

These "how to get out of bed" lessons will of course be paid for by us.

Yes that will work won't it?

Why not just lock all the scum up in a 1950's version of Butlins for the rest of their miserable lives?

Views anyone?


  1. Anonymous11:30 AM

    What on earth are you going on about?

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  3. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Ken said: "Why not just lock all the scum up in a 1950's version of Butlins for the rest of their miserable lives?"

    A real holiday atmosphere next to the sea - Heaven. I'd give everything I've got to be able to relive those childhood days - and I'm being serious. Now where's the nearest pensioner to mug.........?

  4. What annoys me beyond measure with this Government's lack of joined up thinking (and often a lack of joined up writing too!!) is what they don't say about the effects of their "brilliant new initiatives" such as this. They seem unable to grasp the fact that it is the individual hooligan's behaviour which must be punished, whereas they continuually seek to blame and penalise others around the periphery.

    For example, to quote from the Times article "Police would go to court seeking the right to remove a family from their home, close it and seal the windows and doors for up to three months. The proposal is similar to a power that officers have to close crack cocaine houses."

    Yes, the police currently do have the power to shut up a house for three months. But has anyone stopped to think through about what that actually achieves?

    Some of my clients are private landlords who rent out propery to the lower end of the social scale, after all, there are not enough council houses to go around. These landlords are made responsible for the behaviour of their tenants - not such a bad idea on the surface - but they get no powers like the police and other authorities, so if the police can't stop the drugs problem, how the hell does Blair and the rest of the bunch expect a private landlord to deal with it??

    Last year in Cornwall there were headlines in the local newpaper about a drugs dealer being evicted from a house, which was then sealed up for three months. Hurray, you may think, fixed everything, well done the Government and PC Plod for clamping down on this sort of activity. But what was not mentioned was the fact that the house was being operated by the local District Council, so barring up the windows and doors only served to reduce, for three months, the housing stock for a genuine person seeking housing. In addition, as it was the local authority, it now had a homeless person on its hands whom they had to house somewhere.

    Absolutely bizarre, but what we have come to expect of these New Labour clowns!!!

  5. Oh dear, as I was typing my previous comment I became aware of that creature of breathtaking hypocrisy, John Prescott, who does not seem to have paid his council tax for a number of years!! Why oh why are these cheats allowed to even roam the streets when ordinary people in this country are being put in jail for non-payment??

  6. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Hmmmm. I'll mention a family that was evicted from their home recently by the Peoples Democratic Republic of North Tyneside. They had been issued with 16 (no that's not a typing error I mean sixteen) warnings in the space of a single year. Just for the idle, that is a warning on average every 3 1/4 weeks.

    In the meantime, they had made the lives of the people living around them an absolute misery.

    In short, the laws are there already but the various bodies are unwilling to use them.

    So "more of the same" will solve the problem?? Answers on the back of a postcard to the usual address ...

  7. Philb, I hope that you have not got the wrong impression from my earlier postings. I agree completely with the sentiment of kicking out those who refuse to live in harmony with fellow citizens. Yup, kick the b***ds out and put them in prison/borstel/ approved homes etc etc, and give them a taste of pure discipline and teaching, of the severest kind, for as long as is necessary to turn them into human beings.

    What I feel is the sheer stupidity of Blair's (and his gang of incompetents) initiatives is the closing down of a house, be it rented out by the local authority or a private landlord. That house can be utilised very well by a much needy person or family, one who does live in harmony with their peers.

    But that concept is alien to this present bunch.

  8. Anonymous1:15 AM

    I understand that the qualification levels for joining the police are being slowly eroded.

    Maybe the yobs could be offered employment in uniform thus solving two problems with one solution, as soon as the ualification levels are low enough.

    As for boarding up houses - there's a big bugger, with a clock attached, in London that would be a great candidate for permanent closure ...

  9. Anonymous10:04 AM


    What I meant is that Saint Tone of Sedgefield (may he truly get what he deserves) has engineered this state of affairs by repeatedly announcing initiatives like this with a great deal of razzamataz and strongly worded threats.

    However no one has actually done anything with the powers made available. And there appears to be no determination to actually tackle the people committing the offences.

    It sounds good, it will fool those with an attention span of a goldfish into believing Saint Tone of Sedgefield is DOING something when in fact it is more of the same and will have as much success as as the previous half dozen (or more) such initiatives.

    My point was that despite being issued 15 previous warnings, nothing was done by the authorities which is tantamount to educating the scum that nothing would happen. And IMHO nothing will happen again with this announcement of a crackdown.

    It is like the sign outside the pub - "Good ales given away free tomorrow". Go into the pub tomorrow and ask for a free pint and you will be directed to go outside read the sign ...

    So "more of the same" is BOUND to succeed this time. Surely??