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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Prats of The Week

Prats of The WeekNormally my prestigious Prat of the Week Award goes to an individual.

However, I am prepared to make an exception in this case and make a multiple award to Brighton and Hove council.

They are currently insisting that a dead man give notice of his intention to leave sheltered accommodation.

Frank Gajewski died the other week, but his family must keep paying rent, despite clearing the property so that somebody else could use it.

A four-week notice period "is a legal requirement", explained a council spokesman.

Have you noticed how councils seem to only employ narrow minded, braindead, jobsworth bureaucrats?

Well done lads, you are Prats of the Week!


  1. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Au contraire my friend, these people are some of the smartest and most focussed in the country.

    A smart person will always know when to pass the buck or the task to someone lazy who will find a quicker or more effortless way to solve the problem or complete the task. In this case the task is maintaining revenue on the basis that I doubt they could fill the accommodation quickly enough to ensure its continuity. Banks do much the same thing when clearing cheques.

    And focussed because you need to be - on you pension when you retire - to put up with the mundane day to day drudgery of council work. Or perhaps more accurately, lack of anything much to do when you are at your desk. At least that is what a few people seem to have said over the years.

    A letter somewhere from a female council worker described how half her department of 6 were away at the same time for an extended period and there was still onoy enough work around to keep her occupied for an hour or so per day.

    Makes you wonder.

    But as far as the award goes, not at all sure they are not the smartest people around at the moment. They are, after all, on the right side of the Chancer's pensions grab for a start.


  2. Nanny- have you checked out the story in today's Daily Telegraph re firemen needing health ans safety training to use recliner chairs? (includes graphic and quite gratuitous detail on "lubricating mechanical parts").

  3. Well I live in Brighton (NOT Hove). Anything that could lower the swingeing council Tax is fine by me.

  4. Anonymous3:34 PM

    My Grandmother moved to Brighton when her husband died. It's what you did back then. How times have changed.

    You are not alone in experiencing swingeing increases in local taxes of course. The local authority motto has been centrally defined as "Less for More". (Except for employees.)