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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Nanny Bans Haggis

Nanny Bans HaggisLast night was Burn's Night, the traditional time when all good Scots and those who love Scotland eat that particularly fine dish - haggis.

However, as we all know, Nanny is a spoil sport; she hates to see people enjoying themselves, and will do anything she can to put a stop to our simple pleasures.

Needless to say she heartily disapproves of haggis.

Nanny's trolls and goblins in the Scottish Executive have issued a nutritional edict, to schools and nurseries for children under five.

These nutritional guidelines have warned schools that haggis has a fat content of up to 20%, and sometimes a high salt content as well.

Ooh, scary!

This in Nanny's eyes makes haggis as evil as burgers and hot dogs in its nutritional content and, according to the Executive, should only be served to youngsters once a week.

Nanny's trolls went on to say that it was as bad for you as twizzlers and fizzy drinks.

Utter bollocks!

Needless to say, the move angered producers of the Scottish delicacy; who say it is far healthier than the other foods on the restricted list.


Alan Pirie of James Pirie and Son, Scottish haggis masters, said:

"With good turnips and potatoes, there's nothing more nutritious than haggis.

It's made of all natural ingredients - there's no rubbish in it at all.

To compare it with processed meat like chicken nuggets or hot dogs is just ridiculous

Nanny should remember that one particularly popular dish in Scotland is the deep fried Mars bar.

So let's be serious here folks, what is worse?

A deep fried Mars bar, or a haggis?

As usual Nanny forgets to engage that part of her brain that regulates common sense.


  1. Maybe at this time I should point out that I am diabetic, type 1 and I am not particularly obese. Last night I dined on a particularly fine plate of Haggis, potato, swede and rich gravy. As part of my regimen for controlling my diabetes I have to take regular blood glucose readings. Fatty products have a tendency to produce a raised blood glucose reading so if I have a burger then it usually shows at the next blood test. Last nights Haggis produced a reading of 6.7Mmol five hours after consumption. This is a perfectly normal reading. Now what does this tell us ? Possibly that Haggis contains a lot less fat than a double flame grilled cheesy McLardburger and also contains a high proportion of oats which nutritionists say are good for you as they are a 'slow release' food.

    Oh and I also had a couple of drams of a very, very good malt as well so what do I say to nanny ? I think the words "Up yours!" spring to mind.

  2. Anonymous5:12 PM

    I can't remember ever reading or hearing of obesity in Scotland until recent years, yet Haggis is an ancient Scottish dish and has been regularly enjoyed over the years. I don't really see how it can suddenly be vilified as unhealthy on this evidence, it is probly an excuse to lose yet more of our national identity so we can better embrace 'multiculturalism'. I think if the Scottish Executive had their way we would all be forced to eat grass.

  3. ''As usual Nanny forgets to engage that part of her brain that regulates common sense.''

    Erm.... Nanny has long since lobotomized that part of the brain that regulates commonsense.