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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

How To Reduce Your Council Tax Bill - II

How To Reduce Your Council Tax Bill - II
It does seem that poor old John Prescott, Nanny's Smooth Talking Bar Steward, has more than a little trouble with his council tax.

As noted earlier on this site, he managed to "forget" to pay tax on one of his properties (I do hope that his many Jaguars are fully taxed!); now it seems he is in hot water over his other properties.

Sad to be so burdened with so many properties!

Anyhoo, the Smooth Talking Bar Steward is now under pressure to reveal whether he has reclaimed the cost of the council tax on his family home in Hull.

The Bar Steward has presided over a 76% increase in council tax since Nanny came to office, during this time he had managed not to pay council tax since 1997 on his official London residence.

This being the Nanny state, when one person can't/won't pay the poor old taxpayer is left to foot the bill. In this particular case, it means that we have forked out almost £4K for the Bar Steward's £2.3m apartment in Admiralty House.

Now one small point there, before I go on, £4K over 9 years?

Doesn't that seem a little on the low side?

Is it possible, I wonder, if the dear old Bar Steward's house has been put in the wrong tax valuation band?

I know my humble property in Croydon, approximately 10 times less in value than the Bar Steward's, attracts a council tax of over £1K per year..something smells there.

Anyhoo, other questions are now being raised, eg about the tax he pays for the benefit in kind he enjoys from living in a government-owned flat in central London. One tax accountant suggested he should pay £46K a year.

Additionally, the situation with his family home is still not clear. The Bar Steward has claimed that he had been paying council tax on his Hull constituency home, an eight-bedroom turreted residence on the outskirts of the city.

Officials insist that the tax has been paid at the "full rate", not at the discounted second-home rate, but they refuse to say whether he subsequently claims the money back as a "parliamentary expense". If Prescott's house is in Hull city council's top band, it will be liable for council tax at £2,285.

The Bar Steward also has the use of an official country residence, Dorneywood in Buckinghamshire, the council tax for which is paid by the charitable trust that looks after the house.

Some of you may feel that the Bar Steward is being allowed to get away with murder (as it were).

However, in Nanny's Britain, Nanny doesn't give a fuck for you or I. Nanny will take whatever she can get away with.

Don't forget to buy the Bollocks To The Bar Steward T shirts folks. The revnue earned will pay my council tax!


  1. And what about tax on the beneficial loan he has clearly had from the taxpayer over the past 9 years? Also begs the question about his taxable car benefit(s) in addition to any benefits he receives on his employer provided houses, does it not?? As an accountant myself who is currently buried under with completing my own clients' tax returns, and telling my clients the bad news as to how much they owe the state to fund its gross wastage within and on an ever growing public sector, it defies belief that this sort of corruption is going on without questions being asked.

    Perhaps the Government Opposition can raise some questions of Prescott in Parliament, as he is clearly not intending to answer we ordinary "unwashed peasants"!!!

  2. Oh, and don't forget about the penalties and interest which are, no doubt, also due!!!

  3. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Love the humour you forgot to mention the poor oap lady shafted for not paying her council tax and how 2jags got let off by paying a few grand in loose change. I thought the ammount owed was £10,000 but the way you were talking it seems like more.
    And what else has he not paid for, it's time that freeloader was booted into touch eh.