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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Here's Johnny II

Following on from yesterday's article about The Smooth Talking Bar Steward's plans to use spy satellites to aid his council tax rebanding, I would like to thank those of you who made the very valid point that council tax bandings should be reduced where people have to live next door to squalor and decay.

Today I sent the following email to the Bar Steward's Office.

"Dear Mr Prescott

I read with interest recent reports of your department's proposals to improve data collection for the forthcoming rebanding of the council tax, by using spy satellites.

I note that where the satellites show improvements to properties,

the tax banding will be uplifted.

May I take it that where the satellites show images of squalor and decay;

eg derelict buildings, car parks, waste land and landfills those hapless residents who have to live beside these carbuncles will have their council tax banding reduced?

In order to help you save time, I have prepared an extensive database of pictures of the decay and squalor that is eroding the centre of my own town of Croydon.

The database of pictures can be viewed on

It is heartening to know that this April,

the long suffering citizens of Croydon will be able to "reward" the council for their

mismanagement and neglect

by voting them out of office.

Notwithstanding that, I look forward to seeing my own council tax banding reduced;

by way of recompense for this shameful neglect and mismanagement

Kind regards

Ken Frost

Those of you who wish to write to The Smooth Talking Bar Steward, can contact him at this address

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