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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Joy of Pork

The Joy of PorkWe are all very familiar with Nanny's daily rants about the food that we eat, and the fat content of that food.

Sometimes you wonder if she had some sort of terrible experience as a child with a knob of butter, or a tub of cream.

Anyhoo, I for one believe in fighting back; and did so last night, in the best way possible.

I dined at my club, The East India Club, and partook of their most excellent roast pork carved from the trolley.

I had six large slices, with extra fat; followed by two Irish coffees.

Now Nanny would tell you that all of that is very bad for you, as it will clog up your arteries.

Utter bollocks!

The body is like the engine of a car, if it is not well lubricated it will seize up.

It stands to reason that if you increase the fat content of your diet, like the oil in the engine of a car, the blood will flow more smoothly and the heart beat easier.

I would also point out, that despite the truly heroic quantities of booze that I consumed last night, I have no hangover.

Further proof of the restorative powers of pork!

Have no fear ladies and gentlemen:

Fat is good!

Pork is good!

NB. The author of this blog is not a registered medical practitioner, and is not licensed to dispense medical advice. Anybody acting on the above post does so at their own risk etc etc

Those of you who fancy a bit of pork tonight should read the recipes in "Accountants Can Cook" (see right hand menu). There are two fine recipes there for roast pork with stuffing, and pigs' trotters...YUM!

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  1. Anonymous7:28 PM

    MMMMM Pork IS good! So is Irish coffee... :o)