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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Man Arrested For Scaring Dog

Man Arrested For Scaring DogOh dear what a funny old country we live in, I didn't think that I would be writing this headline I must admit.

It seems that Nanny has taken her love of her furry little friends one step further.

Frank Cook, a farmer of 77 years of age, saw a dog worrying his lambs and decided to scare it off by firing his shotgun (note he did not aim the gun at the dog).

Needless to say Nanny was not best pleased, and sent six (yes six!) police cars to arrest him.

Mr Cook was in fact well within his rights to kill the dog. However, he simply fired from behind it, and then apologised to his neighbour who owned said mutt. Mr Cook even promised to pay any vet bill for the misunderstanding.

Needless to say, the neighbour having been well indoctrinated by Nanny, decided to create a fuss and called the police.

Six of Nanny's finest police vehicles arrived containing a dozen armed officers, some of who then drew their weapons.

Mr Cook was then arrested, put into handcuffs, placed in the backseat of a squad car and frogmarched (or would it be frogdriven?) to jail where he was photographed, and had his DNA and fingerprints taken.

Needless to say Mr Cook was eventually released released without charge.

Mr Cook was a tad pissed off at his treatment and said:

"I am a law-abiding citizen and did not deserve this treatment.

I couldn't believe all this had happened on a nice spring day.

I was standing out on the lawn with my grandchildren, when this armed flotilla of police cars arrived.

Our jaws just dropped.

To my utter astonishment, no fewer than six police cars drove up.

Armed policemen stepped out of the front and stood with their guns at the ready.

Then three men came across the lawn.

I was approached by one of them and asked whether I was Frank Cook.

On assuring them I was, I was then cautioned and arrested.

I protested and told them not be silly and to send the armed men back into their cars and then I would talk to them.

They would not listen.

Instead, one officer put an arm lock on me, frogmarched me to a car and pushed me in.

They told me they were arresting me for criminal damage

Mid Bedfordshire Tory MP Nadine Dorries, who has taken up Mr Cook's case, said:

"This is a case of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

I cannot believe that something like this can happen in England

Given the slack jaw morons running this country, I can well believe that it has happened.

Nuff said!


  1. Anonymous1:49 PM

    When I read/hear stories like this, and the one about the man "shopped" to the police by Tesco for developing photos of himself with a (perfectly legally) hunted deer, I start to wonder if the police are actually familiar with the law they're supposed to be enforcing, any more. If they had a clear idea of what was legal and what wasn't - surely this is part of their jobs??? - or if they even checked things out first instead of going handcuff-happy, these ridiculous "arrests" wouldn't be going on.

  2. Anonymous3:12 PM

    perhaps at some point the police "service" will be removed from political control like the bank of england which is the only good thing this so called government have done.

  3. That reminds me of another incident which occurred locally in 1998 involving cs spray.

    or this one this year...

    there are lots more incidents of this type on the Beeb's 'news'.

  4. You heard the joke about the homeowner who heard two burglars moving around in his garden shed. He promptly telephoned the police to tell them about the intruders, and was told that there were no police nearby although some would be sent in a few hours.

    Putting the phone down, the disgruntled homeowner thought about this for a few moments, and telephoned the police back to tell them that it was alright, they needn’t come anymore because he had shot both burglars.

    Within five minutes his home was surrounded by police cars with sirens wailing, helicopters clattering overhead and armed police shouting at him to “come out with your hands up!!”

    The police inspected the shed, and, finding no-one there, asked the homeowner “I thought you said you had shot the burglars?” to which the homeowner replied “I thought you said you had no police in the area”.

  5. If anyone touched my pussy, I'd also call the police!

  6. On the way to the farm the police actually phoned the farmer to ask for directions.. Just imagine "hello we are coming to arrest you but can't find your house"
    One policeman told the farmer that they always turned out six cars for a shooting incident.
    Now does that means that there are spare cars and constables waiting or do they have to postpone action until they can collect the six?

  7. The lack of charges against the dog owner for the distress caused to the lambs is clearly a case of speciesism. Possibly ageism too, depending on how old the dog is. /sarcasm off

    Is nanny trying to teach people that it would be better to shoot and bury the dog and claim no knowldege of having ever seen it than to simply scare it away?

  8. Anonymous4:34 PM

    It still doesnt beat the one about a teenager who was arrested when a policewoman overheard him say 'fuck' in a sentance whilst he was talking to his friend. It took the media to report this stupid case before charges were dropped.

  9. Anonymous5:06 PM

    If the dog repeated the incident I for one wouldn't be aiming to miss.
    And tough tits to its owner.

  10. Shame. Great Britain brought this low. The obvious thing for the farmer to have done would have been to explain to the police that he was in fact a moslem, and that his religion considers a dog worrying a lamb as a hate crime. I'd imagine that within minutes 6 MORE police cars would have arrived to arrest the dog.

  11. Anonymous5:09 AM

    I think fits is right. If he'd been muslim they'd have probably given him an award.


  12. Anonymous8:19 AM

    This is actually quite typical of the police response you can expect in Britain. Complete over-reaction when it is not necessary and surprise, surprise no-one available when a real incident deserves their attention.

    No commonsense at all - and do not expect an apology - as you will never get one.