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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, May 05, 2006

Wot's a Wotsit Worth?

Wot's a Wotsit Worth?Ever wondered wot's a Wotsit worth?

In Nanny's world, a hell of a lot.

That at least is what Hilary Buckland found to her cost, when she chucked one Cheesy Wotsit (not the packet...but the Wotsit itself) from her car window in Luton.

Nanny's little spies from Luton council were watching. They decided that, despite the fact that a Chjeesy Wotsit is small, biodegradable and would have been eaten by the birds in a nano second, they would report her.

Hilary has now been fined £75 by Luton Borough Council, who have spent £200 of tax payers' money enforcing the fine!

Way to go lads!


  1. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Quite bizarre.

    However if Nanny and her cronies wish to see this as a need to set an example - after all her kids and others may think that any sort of dumping of waste would be acceptable (yeah, right) - can we have the fines extended to cover talking rubbish?

    That way Prescott and Clarke, et al, could be reduced to penury.

    If there is also a charge for soliciting people to talk rubbish it should result in a double penalty for Nanny and all her cronies.

    Now that would be a serious result.

  2. The lady said on the radio that on leaving the Council offices she picked up 24 cigarette ends in the car park, took them back in and asked if it wqs case of do as i say and not do as i do.
    The reply was not reported. After all it was the BBC

  3. Ze Beatings vil continue,
    until moral improvz!