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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Welsh Farce Continues

Welsh Farce ContinuesAs much as I enjoy seeing the current Labour "administration" (that word implies competence!) being kicked from pillar to post, I do feel that Nanny's trolls in the North Wales Police really ought to have their collective heads banged together for pursuing Bliary Poppins for alleged anti Welsh remarks.

You will recall that this very stupid issue blew up a while ago, when Bliar allegedly watched Labour underperform in the Welsh Assembly election...SEVEN YEARS AGO!!!!..and allegedly said:

"Fucking Welsh"

Background reading Hoisted by Her Own Petard and Prat of The Week.

Anyhoo the "good old boys" in the North Wales Police, who clearly have no crimes to investigate, have spent six months investigating this issue. They have had top-level discussions between forces, and repeated trips to London for interviews with former colleagues of Bliar.

The Crown Prosecution Service has recommended that they should not to proceed with the investigation of this "race-hate crime". That does not deter the "good old boys" in the North Wales Police, who estimate that there is at least a month's more investigating to do!

Aran Jones, chief executive of Cymuned, who clearly doesn't live in the real world where old people are attacked, houses robbed and our troops are dying in Iraq, believes that this issue is vital for the survival of life as he knows it.

He said:

"It would be morally correct for charges to be brought or for the Prime Minister to say he didn't say that."

Doesn't get out much does he?

Suffice to say this investigation is absolutely pathetic.

The award to North Wales police chief Richard Brunstrom, of Prat of The Week made in October 2005, stands. He has made his force and the law in general a laughing stock.

I cannot believe that the majority of the people in Wales think that this is a valid use of police resources.

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  1. I'd love to see it go to court. A half-decent lawyer could argue that the comment was entirely correct and fair, since the Welsh are indeed not a nation of celibates.

    You're right though, it is completely stupid and a blatant waste of police time. Can't you be prosecuted for that?