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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Nanny Bans Pies

Nanny Bans PiesYesterday I made the rather "throwaway" comment, that Nanny would move on from regulating ice cream sales to regulating what we eat at home.

Well it seems that she has moved a step closer to doing that.

Nanny's best chums in the Scottish Executive, these guys really like to regulate people's lives, have warned bar owners in Scotland that they may be forced to stop serving chips and traditional pub meals.

The Executive are considering proposals to force landlords to have policies to promote "sensible eating", as a condition of their licences.

Next they will be banning booze in pubs!

Paul Waterson, chief executive of the Scottish Licensed Trade Association, said that the eating advice was aimed at banning meals such as pies, beans and chips from being served.


"It's a dangerous road to go down, and we are very concerned about it.

Everybody has their own ideas about food - if you speak to vegetarians for instance.

There is a danger most customers will get caught in the middle between official guidance and people who want to eat what they want.

It should be up to the individual to decide what they consider healthy

As we all know, pies are an excellent means of soaking up the booze. A rocket salad simply won't do that!

Anyhoo, under the proposals bar owners would have to provide healthy-eating advice to their customers. This would be something to witness in a Glasgow pub on a Saturday night!

Janet Hood, a lawyer who is head of the British Institute of Innkeeping in Scotland and is helping to draft the guidance, said the "sensible eating" clause had been proposed by advisers appointed by the Executive.

She said:

"It would be quite inappropriate for licensees to offer eating advice.

They are not qualified to deal with this sort of thing.

I would normally have assumed that the protection of public health would relate to the sale of alcohol.

What if a hefty person comes in asking for something considered unhealthy?

Do we direct them to the salads and face accusations of being 'fat-ist'

Quite right!

A spokeswoman for the Scottish Executive said:

"We will listen carefully to all views before taking decisions."

Does anyone seriously believe that?

Last month it was reported that Nanny's Executive was considering banning the sale of packets of ten cigarettes, in a bid to tackle smoking among young people.

My sympathies are with the good people of Scotland, who seem to have a more rampant infestation of Nannyism than we have in England.


  1. Oh Gawd, what would happen if they tried to introduce this 'policy' here in Cornwall, where the humble "Cornish Pasty" is eaten in rather large numbers.

    There would be a riot!

    By the way, did you know that the "Cornish Pasty" came about because it was the 'packed lunch' for the Cornish tin miners many years ago. And the reason why there is a crimped crust is because the mine workings were so poisonous due to the high levels of arsenic, so the miners held their pasties by this crimped ridge, which traditionally runs down the side of the pasty and not along the top. This part was discarded. Nowadays a pasty just has meat 'n tatties, but years ago they were filled with jam at one end and so the miner ate from the savoury end to the sweet end.)

    Nanny would have a fit if she were 150 years older regarding our old mines!!

  2. And just imagine what a field day the Health and Safety lot would have.

  3. Anonymous10:15 AM

    spiv reported:

    " And the reason why there is a crimped crust is because the mine workings were so poisonous due to the high levels of arsenic, so the miners held their pasties by this crimped ridge, ..."

    So presumably the aluminium salt catastrophe at Camelford a few years ago was simply an historic re-enactment (modernised) that went slightly awry?

    They should have sought funding from English Heritage or similar. (Cornish Heritage?)

    I'm looking for a link to back to the Ice Cream van story but the best I can come up with is a rather vague suggestion that Cornish icecream should be doubly banned on the basis that to be so delicious it must be hideously toxic to the human body.

    Probably full of tin and aluminium.


  4. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Odd things seem to happen when I hear that something is to be banned.

    Went to get something for supper and settled on a nice healthy salad - well, healthy except for the sachet of mayo that came with it. And the individual size pork and pickle lattice pie that, for some reason, took my fancy. It must be a couple of years since I had a pork pie ...