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Monday, May 22, 2006

You're Nicked!

You're Nicked!Dominique Sampson, a care worker for the elderly, thought that she was doing a good deed the other day by stopping her car to help an elderly woman who had fallen over in the centre of Wilton.

Indeed she was, except from Nanny's point of view that is!

Dominique was spotted by a "parking ambassador", and promptly given a ticket.

Despite protesting to the"ambassador", Dominique was told that he had already written out her ticket and could not cancel it.

Jobsworth knobhead!

The "ambassador" helpfully suggested that Miss Sampson write to Salisbury district council, explaining what had happened, and the charge would "probably be waived".


No such luck.

Miss Sampson was told that Nanny's lackeys on the council were not going to waive the charge, because there was "no documentary evidence".

Miss Sampson said of her brush with Nanny:

"She (the elderly lady) was coming out of a fruit and veg shop and suddenly tripped and fell over.

I pulled up on the side of the road and went across to her.

I was with her two or three minutes, making sure she was alright.

She said she lived close-by and felt able to walk home.

She said she was OK.

I went back to my car to find a ticket on the windscreen.

I saw the ambassador nearby and explained to him why my car was there.

He told me he could not cancel the ticket because he had already written it out but,

in view of what I told him,

he suggested I write to the council explaining the circumstances and he felt sure the council would waive it.

Miss Sampson said she did just that and was furious when, a few days later, a parking fine arrived through the post.

She said:

"The council said that,

because there was no documentary evidence to back my explanation,

they would not cancel the charge

A spokeswoman for Nanny confirmed that the letter had been sent, and said that the council was obliged to follow legal procedures.

Seemingly Miss Sampson should now appeal!

Quote from Nanny's lackeys:

"The appeal will be heard by an independent adjudicator

who can take into account the circumstances

The lady should ignore the claim for a fine and lodge an appeal,

when the next stage of the legal procedure will kick in

Miss Sampson will definitely be lodging an appeal but, not unreasonably, is questioning why this could not have been done with the evidence the ambassador could have given thus saving the cost of an appeal.

As Bagpuss would insist I say:



  1. Ah Ken, your mastery of the English language is to be admired. There is, quite frankly (and I am in complete concurrence with Bagpuss here), no other descriptive term which could apply, under the circumstances.

    Time to get rid of all councils, methinks?! Fat chance under this present bunch of incompetents we call politicians.

  2. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Not really wishing to be contrary but ...

    This may be the first example of joined up policy by a local council.

    Lets face it, older people are a drain on council resources and potential junket funds. Attempting to make sure that they are OK is to be discouraged in case any of them have indeed experienced some sort of hurt which;

    a. May require costly assistance if identified; and

    b. could mean the the assistance provided extends their time upon the mortal coil and therefore their propensity to drain Nanny's coffers.

    Thus all aid should be discouraged.

    That this policy can be enforced using the existing draconian punishment processes applied to motorists is a happy bonus. It's a good thing for the driver that the lady did not need taking to hospital. Park outside A&E (if you can find one) to drop the patient off and you would probably get clamped. Park in the car park (if you can get in) and you will be robbed.

    By discouraging members of the public from helping other members of the public Nanny and her lackeys retian total control of the situation. And as we know, all Nannies expect to be allowed total control. Numerous TV programs are constantly reminding us about that.



  3. Anonymous1:53 PM

    I was led to understand that the Gestapo ceased to exist at the end of World War 2 in 1945. Yet it appears that they, not to mention their political masters, may be alive and well, and carrying on their 'good work' in Wilton.

  4. Anonymous2:15 PM

    "As Bagpuss would insist I say:


    I don't insist, Ken, but must say this:

    "Hear, hear!"

    What the hell is going on in this country? Why do PUBLIC SERVANTS whose wages WE PAY hate us so much? Is it because we pay them? Then let's stop doing it!

  5. If the Traffic Warden was able to write out and stick a ticket in the time the lady was away from her car he must have been close enough to see what had happened.
    And they say that they are not on piecework!