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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, September 01, 2006

Nanny's Special Movies

Nanny's Special MoviesDear Friends,

I have been labouring many hours to bring you an exciting new enhancement to this site.


As you may be aware, Nanny is not a new phenomenon in the UK; in fact, she has been "knocking around" for quite sometime now. One of her favourite mediums for imparting her wisdom to the huddled masses is that of film and TV.

Over the decades Nanny has produced quite a number of "information" films, covering such diverse subjects as; atomic power, Suez, avoiding coughs, how to cross the road and helping young girls get jobs.

I have put together a magnificent library of these films, for your viewing pleasure; simply scroll down the menu bar, on the right hand side of this site, and look for "Nanny's Information Films".

There, if you click on the links, you will be able to watch these fine movies in the comfort of your own homes and offices.

The library of films is in date order, the earliest going back to 1947 the latest being this year. In the library you will be able to view such classics as; Donald Pleasance telling children not to play near water, Charley the cat (one of Bagpuss's relatives) warning children not to talk to strangers, Dave "Darth Vader" Prowse telling you how to cross the road and useful advice on what to do if an atom bomb goes off near your home!

Put your feet up, download and enjoy this veritable smorgasbord of Nanny at her best.

Please tell the world about this site.



  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Quaint, Ken! Nothing like a bit of visual spin - it's so much more effective than the meaningless verbal rhetoric Nanny's dear friend Tony loves.

    Just one thing - the ex-evil minion of the Emperor and friendly Green Cross Code man is called Dave Prowse, not Prosser.

    And no, I do not go to Star Wars conventions or dress up as Chewbacca! ;)

  2. Oops..thanks for the correction Al

  3. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Magnificent! it is good to see our country again

  4. Thanks Sky Dog:)

    The more people who visit the site, the better.


  5. Sky Dog

    thanks for the post...seems some people don't quite appreciate that I write with my tongue in my cheek at times.

    That being said, it did take a wee while to upload the links from the National Archives.

    Seems to me Nanny Knows Best is an ideal place for these films:)


  6. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Well, Sky Dog, his mates may call him "Prosser", but surely not "Dave Prosser". Likewise, "Macca" isn't called "Paul Macca".

  7. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Apropos of nothing:

    Big Al said

    "Likewise, "Macca" isn't called "Paul Macca". "

    Truuuue, although they might call him Poor Macca these days which, at a distance in a pub bar, could sound pretty similar.

  8. Anonymous12:04 AM

    So what do we call Shoe Macca?

  9. Anonymous12:36 AM

    MANY thanks for your efforts Ken!
    It's appreciated

    Isn't nice to know that our Nanny loves us so much huh?
    Ha ha ha !!!!!!

    Be well! and be happy