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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Nanny's Nazi State

Nanny's Nazi State

Nazi Germany, just like other totalitarian regimes, maintained its grip on power by encouraging members of the public to report every misdemeanour (thought, word and deed) perpetrated by fellow citizens against the state.

The result being that many used this a means of settling old scores and of enjoying, what so many humans really crave deep down in the darkest reaches of their soul, power over others.

Nanny has decided to revive this most reviled and disgusting tools of the state; this time she will be directing it against her pet hate, smokers.

Nanny has decreed that people, your friends neighbours and colleagues, should "shop" (snitch, grass up, inform, tell tales on etc) smokers in order to enforce her ban on lighting up in public places.

Nanny will set up a special 0800 number for members of the public to call with their tales of fellow citizens breaking Nanny's no smoking edict. The tip offs will be passed to town halls, when the ban comes into force next summer.

Colleagues will also be able to use the hotline to name individuals flouting the ban at work, and in other enclosed public places. That should make for a pleasant atmosphere at work.

Once duly "tipped off" environmental health officers will then launch surveillance operations and raids to catch pubs, clubs, restaurants or other venues that are illegally allowing smoking.

Can you believe this?

We live in a society where people are afraid of muggings, assaults, robberies and terrorism; yet the entire apparatus of the state is being directed towards catching smokers!

There is something very wrong with Nanny's priorities. There is also something offensive and evil about encouraging people to spy on each other.

Individuals who are duly entrapped by Nanny, will be fined £50 or £200 (if they refuse to pay immediately). Owners of premises allowing illegal smoking will face a fine of £2,500. Failure to display a no smoking sign results in a £200 on the spot fine or a £1,000 court fine.

The person who is spearheading Nanny's Nazi spy idea is health minister Andy Burnham, quote:

"Implementation of the ban from summer 2007 will mean that 99 per cent of employees will be working in a smoke-free environment.

We know from the experience of other countries that smoke-free legislation is largely self-enforcing.

However, we are proposing to introduce a smoke-free

compliance line as a supportive measure

Nice to see that Nanny has come up with another effective method of destroying what little trust and respect people may have had left for their local councils, as it will be these bodies that receive the tips and then initiate the surveillance procedures.

It seems that the greatest enemy to the freedom of the people of Britain is the government and its second rate cousins in local government, not foreign terrorists.

The way to break Nanny’s control over us is to fight back. I suggest that when this Nazi Informant Line is set up, everyone inundates it with false reports naming members of the government and local councillors.

In the meantime, I suggest that we all drop Andy Burnham a note telling him what we think of living in a Nazi state.

Burnham’s phone number : 01942 682 353

Web contact details

Fight back!


  1. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Well, well, well. Glad to see crime in the UK is so low nanny can spend time enforcing this very important health issues.

    Bye the way, wasn't Hitler a fanatical anti-smoker?

  2. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Shocking, shocking stuff!
    The time, money & effort into making B.S. policies like these, makes my blood boil.

    But will the same effort be made into building new prisons & hospitals...? Course not! That's too practical, you see...!
    I tell you, this country is bang, in trouble!

  3. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Well at least it is a free 0800 number not a premium rate version like the TV Licensing one that will cost you money (9p per minute no less) to listen to some duplicated selection menus and then tell you that everyone is busy so and try again later. Click.

    Maybe we should all use the number and then ask to be put through to other departments - NHS direct for example.

    For some unplanned reason I've had a number of conversations with a variety of people of all ages and types in the last couple of days and the majority expressed the opinion that they would not know who to vote for at the next election. Were it to become compulsory to vote they would all be looking for the box next to "None of the Above".

    Has it really finally come to this?

  4. Has it really finally come to this?


  5. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Can I suggest the only method that I can see out of this thst does not involve violent revolution? At the next election, vote, but vote for _anyone_ but a member of the three 'major' parties. Encourage everyone you know to do the same.

  6. A colleague of mine, picture if you will a 6' 2" man-mountain of Irish extraction, on hearing the news of this 'information line' was heard to utter the immortal line "Anyone who grasses on me is likely to get the same sort of treatment the boys in Belfast used to mete out to touts!". As a result many of us are waiting for the day the company 'toady' and 'HS Jobsworth' are invited down to a meeting in the basement by a couple of chaps with crowbars and a hammer drill.