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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Bin Brother

Bin BrotherThose of you with long memories may recall that I wrote about Nanny spying on your dustbins (trash cans) a wee while ago (February 2005). Nanny set up the scheme, last year, in my home town of Croydon. for more about this borough.

Well Nanny never gives up, once she has the "bit between her teeth".

Now it seems that, without notifying anybody, Nanny has installed electronic monitoring equipment on over 500,000 dustbins to report back on our refuse habits.

The bin spies are located in the lids of "wheelie bins", and have been manufactured in Germany. The spy communicates with transceivers and sensors installed on the collecting lorry, and allows the reporting back of statistics for how full each property's bin is and how much the rubbish weighs.

It goes without saying, that the data collected will be used by Nanny to find a new way of taxing us...on top of the already despised and abhorrent council tax.

Look under the lid of wheelie bins, if you find an electronic spy...well...I leave it to you to decide what action to take!


  1. Anonymous1:07 AM

    It would be nice if "Cool Hand Luke" type characters removed all the chips in a row of bins in one go, thus making it difficult to prove who vandalised council property. Although there are some who would like to be able to put the burden on the householder to prove they are innocent such as Mike Trim, the Exeter City Council recycling officer, who said after the Donna Challice case: “It will be hard to bring cases like this if there has to be direct evidence of an individual contaminating a recycling bin".

    But in Nanny's Brave New Post-Legal Due Process World, minor state jobsworths in the Exeter Sector of the South-West Division are encouraged to think this way because that is the way Nanny and her Home Secretaries think.

    PS Make sure you wear gloves and ditch your implement of choice. As there is no crime in Britain anymore, there will be hordes of SOCOs descending upon your bin and removing screwdrivers from your garage.

  2. Anonymous11:39 PM

    A question.

    Is it yet illegal to put rubbish in a bin at the side of the road awaiting collection?

    If not it would seem that people have free rein to use any bin (but not litter bin) they pass by.
    So passing by a few bins of the local councillors and offering to help the council statistics and targets with some well weighted waste would, presumably, be a public service. No?

    Worth a gong in my view.

  3. Anonymous10:30 AM


    remember this is the same shower of ratbags who jailed a granny for not paying all of her council tax. That said, she did it in protest rather than 'genuine' inability to pay. And we can't have anyone standing up to nanny now can we kiddies?

  4. Anonymous3:48 PM

    I interviewed at a company that makes the devices that perform this measurement.

    The attitude there was that it was only a matter of time before councils started charged for bin weight at time of emptying.