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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, September 11, 2006

Why Did We Fight The Nazis?

Why Did We Fight The Nazis?Those who fought Nazism and the threat of dictatorship in the last war may be wondering today whether their sacrifice, and the sacrifice of their fallen comrades, was really worthwhile.

Nanny's Health and Safety Gestapo have taken up the mantle, which was once worn by the dictators of the last century, and have threatened to ban remembrance parades as they fall foul of Nanny's health and safety rules.

Organisers of these events have been told that the marches cannot proceed unless they take out public liability insurance, carry out a risk assessment and organise stewards dressed in fluorescent jackets to police the event.

Seemingly Nanny is worried that the veterans, who risked life and limb for our liberty, are not capable of walking down a street without inflicting upon themselves some terrible injury.

You see, Nanny hates independent thoughts and actions. Those that seek to organise themselves, without her "help" and "guidance", are seen to be a threat to Nanny.

The effort and cost required to comply with Nanny's rules and regulations will force many veterans' associations to cancel ceremonies.

Members of the 8th Destroyer Association in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, have already been targeted by Nanny's police. Nanny's police have threatened to ban the event unless the organisers agree to pay £300 for insurance, and to file the necessary paperwork.

Read that again.

A British police force is threatening to BAN a peaceful and honourable gathering of war veterans, who fought for our freedom and liberty.

That is simply WRONG.

Veterans Association chairman, Peter Lee-Hale, said:

"We've been marching for 18 years now and never had this before.

The police have provided motorcycle escorts

and everything has been fine.

Now health and safety has reared its ugly head.

What's going to happen on Remembrance Day

when there are so many marches around the country?

Are they all going to have to do this?

The £300 is not a lot of money really,

but it's the hassle of it all.

I'm 73 and one of the younger members.

Most of them are in their late 70s and 80s

and it is a lot to cope with.

The whole thing is ridiculous.

We're only marching less than a mile.

We went to war to fight fascism

but it's our police who are acting like Hitler."

North Yorkshire Police said:

"We are concerned with the safety of everyone involved in the parade

including those taking part, spectators and our own officers..

...but safety is of paramount importance

The march organisers have been told they must be accompanied by two lines of stewards in fluorescent jackets, and have an ambulance in attendance.

Mr Lee-Hale said:

"I could understand it if we were a bunch of yobs marching through the town,

but what trouble do they think an 80-year-old ex-sailor is going to cause

Last year poppy sellers were banned from pinning flowers on people's clothes, in case they cause injury.

Nanny is as much a threat to the freedom and liberty of the people of Britain, as the Nazis were some 60 years ago.

The question many veterans must be asking themselves now is why did we sacrifice so much to fight for freedom and liberty, if that freedom and liberty has been taken away from us by our own government?


  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Reading this has made me so angry (thanks Ken - I really appreciate that on a Monday morning)...

    Why can't central government underwrite the insurance for these parades? Oh yes, silly question...

    Perhaps those old soldiers should go ahead and parade anyway. Any resulting arrests would be very bad publicity for Nanny and the police. But of course that won't happen. The veterans are too proud and probably don't want to cause trouble.

    While people of my generation still have respect and appreciate the sacrifices those men and women made, the really depressing thing is that many people (who should know better) couldn't give a damn.

    Britain, thou art well and truly f****d.

  2. Anonymous10:32 AM

    These brave old soldiers must go into battle yet again. They need to go ahead and march without taking out insurance, without filling out the paperwork and without complying with Nanny's instructions. Surely the sight of the police arresting 80 year old veterans will galvanise others into realising that the defense of our hard one, centuries old liberties is the most important cause currently facing Britain.

  3. Anonymous10:35 AM

    anonymous didn't say comment 2, I did.

  4. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Apparently H&SE risk assessment has resulted in a rule that police are not allowed to change a wheel on their own vehicles any more, they have to wait for outside service assistance.

    Indeed some forces have removed the spare wheel and wheelbrace from their vehicles to avoid any temptation.

    Against such beckgrounds are ourr police 'force''s policy decisions evolved.

    I am surprised that they are allowed to carry truncheons and handcuffs let alone guns and other devices that may cause personal injury.

    In fact patrolling the streets at all must be frowned upon if a proper risk analysis was to be performed.

    Thinking about it I haven't actually seen a policeperson patrolling the streets for a while now ...

    Lots of the new HATO's (Highway Authority Traffic Officer) on the motorways though, all driving "Chelsea Tractors" of course. Far more of them than there aver were marked Police patrols. Nice to see Nanny taking up the slack she has created in the 4x4 market.

    Wonder if she gave them such vehicles as part of some sort of risk assessment?

  5. Anonymous2:36 PM

    How many people were killed or injured in the last 18 marches?
    Must be a helluva lot for Nanny to stick her nose in (at least 1).
    Bar stewards the lot of 'em.

  6. Anonymous6:23 PM

    This is yet another example of why I no longer live in UK. They´ll ban breathing next, as a risk assessment will show it as an unhealthy passtime what with all thos noxious fumes etc etc

  7. This callous action is just another attempt to eradicate our glorious past and to make people forget who we are, we are not a tribe of scrounging foreigners , we are Englishmen,in our country it is called England,and we have every right to march along the streets of our country to remember our fallen who gave thier lives in the defence of a thing close to our hearts,this thing is called FREEDOM,and i wish that people today had as much courage and spirit as these brave men to resist the tyranny of these vile scum that presume to be our leaders.