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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Money Well Spent

Money Well Spent!

Nanny loves to spend money, or rather she loves to spend our money.

In Nanny's world what's ours is hers, and what's hers is hers!

Congratulations are due to Birmingham City Council for finding new ways of wasting the taxpayers' money. It was reported earlier this money that Ian Smith, one of its workers, is being paid an annual wage of £91,000 despite having been off sick for a year.

Mr Smith is employed by the council's Street Lighting Direct Labour Organisation as a "signals operative", and receives a basic salary of £71,000 and bonuses totalling £21,000 from Birmingham City Council.

Quite a decent wage for a "signal operative", whatever that is?

What's even more impressive is that he has been off sick for a year.

Ah, but you see he is also the department's full-time representative for the Amicus union. The leaders of "the Brothers" must be looked after mustn't they?

Seemingly Mr Smith also received an annual "standby bonus" - paid to lighting engineers to be on call to repair lights at anti-social hours - of £16,000, even though he no longer repairs lights.

A spokesman for Birmingham City Council said that parts of their pay structure were based on outdated employment practice, and were "clearly not fit for purpose".

No shit?

In other words they know that they are wasting your money, but can't be arsed to do anything about it.

In addition to spending vast sums on one man's lighting skills, Birmingham City Council also pay roadworkers up to £53,000 a year for painting lines and cleaning bollards.


Where do I sign on?

I fancy a spot of therapeutic painting.

Councillor Alan Rudge, the cabinet member for equalities and human resources (another daft council title), said:

"The Council is dealing with the issue through the recognised trade unions.

It is currently in discussions with these groups

and with other organisations who are representing employees.

The Council is carrying out a pay review

in accordance with a national agreement

between councils and trade unions.

The City Council has an implementation date for this

review of 1st April 2007.

The review will deal with, among other things,

the equality and fairness of pay across the workforce.

We cannot continue with pay and grading structures

that are in some areas outdated, unfair and inflexible,

no matter how difficult the change may be

Call me a're a cynic Ken!

However, doesn't that sound to you like they are only dealing with this now because they have been caught out by the media?

I guess the Brothers in the unions could threaten to go on strike, but would anyone really notice if they did?

As I keep repeating, what is the farking point of our local councils?

All they do is waste money, and impose useless and unwanted petty rules on the rest of us.

Abolish them!

Vent your spleen on Birmingham City Council via this link: Twats

In other news, it seems that John Prescott is costing £18M to run, even though he now has no role in government or society.

Nanny, spending our money on her behalf!

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