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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Nanny Bans PC

Nanny Bans PCNanny has managed to get her knickers into a bit of a twist the other week.

Oh dear!

It seems that all the rules and edicts that she has been issuing are becoming a little bit contradictory, and causing Nanny to hang herself on her own petard.

How sad!

Kirklees metropolitan borough council found this out to their cost earlier this month, when they tried to issue training document for their employees in which the term "political correctness" was banned.

Unfortunately the document has had to be withdrawn, as it is too politically correct!

So, the document bans you from saying the phrase "politically correct". However, the document itself has been banned because it is too politically correct. that?

The 44 page policy book, entitled "Equality Essentials", was drawn up as a guide for the council's 18,000 staff in West Yorkshire.

As befitting Nanny's Orwellian view of the world, certain words were banned as a matter of course; chairman, fireman and policeman because they exclude women, and "ethnic" because it was not felt to be "appropriately descriptive".

You know the routine, the same old shit that is used by councils, quangos and other crappy useless pseudo state "organs" to try to control people!

Remember folks, as Orwell warned (and as I keep reminding you), when the state controls the language, and your ability to express yourself, it also controls your ability to think for yourself.

The hapless employees of the council, or should I say employees of the taxpayer, were also instructed to come up with at least 10 things they could do on a daily basis to make colleagues feel better.

By the way the document was produced by officials for the former Lib-Dem/Green coalition, that previously controlled the council, so it is hardly surprising that it is a waste of space.

Guess what folks?

They used a 1950s study into the social psychology of Nazi Germany, known as Allport's Scale!

Why am I not surprised that the Nazis would somehow or other feature in this story?

Seemingly the good old boys on the council wanted to find out about levels of harassment and bullying in the workplace.

Anyhoo, the document stated:

"Use of the phrase 'political correctness' is at best factual avoidance

and at worst a direct physical attack

Robert Light, who became council leader after the Conservatives took control in the summer, thought that the whole thing was a load of bollocks and decided to revise the policy.

He said that 99% of the document was common sense, but certain items were "part of a politically correct culture" previously adopted by the authority.


"We want to be known as a progressive council not a PC council."

Therefore the document has been banned, on the grounds that it was too politically correct, which in itself is of course a contradiction.

Maybe Nanny has brought us into some weird form of parallel universe where paradoxes can exist simultaneously.


Cue the Twilight Zone Theme!

Pity that the taxpayers of Kirklees had to pay for this pile of shite in the first place.

Will the previous council leaders apologise for wasting the taxpayers' money?

Will they fark!


  1. Apologies? No Ken what we need is personal liability, make them refund the taxpayer with money, their own.

    It would only need one or two well publicised cases of former councillors being made homeless because of their stupid decisions to prevent this sort of recklessness with our money forever.

  2. Anonymous1:58 PM

    I was about to post exactly what Vote Franco posted - so no need, it's been done.

    I rather think that a numbero f others should also be held responsible for any liability their ideas generate. All the Greens and Eco-pundits for a start. And for anyone whose ideas or hypotheses may mean they will be long passed on before the effects are likely to be evident, their estate should be held accountable and liable.

    If they want to come up with some dubious future proofing idea and make a career out of it, fine. WOuld they be so keen to do so if they knew their family would be unable to use any of the wealth generated from the career until the hypothesis had been tested and scientifically proven?

    Would Bliar have insisted it was right to invade Iraq on the basis of non-existent WMD and no workable plan of action for the post war phase if he knew he and his family would be held personally liable for failure?

    Much of this PC stuff seems to realte back top the concept of 'bullying' - handy because it involves an unspoken connection to children who, as we all know, are all wonderful and innocent little .... things.

    Well, I reckon that by the current 'definition' of 'bullying' we are all guilty most of the time in one way or another. By and large it is a problem being reported only because it is being reported. Unless overcrowding is becoming a bigger factor in a fractious population.

    If asked I will bet you that not one adult in the country would say that they had never, in any way, been 'bullied' at school. It is in the nature of children to do things which we now encompass in an overall 'bullying' context.

    The end result seems to be a collection of Politically correct corrections which do nobody any favours at all. By making everything part of the problem any real problems are surely lost in the noise.

    It seems to me that the Lib Dems and Greens are at the forefront of this thinking - a form of 'soft' communism really growing out of the 'middle' classes.

    When I was a teeneager the Liberal party, as it was then, seemed to offer a genuine and sensible middle ground but had little chance of success with the other two parties battling things out from polarised positions.

    With everyone occupying the middle ground they are just lost but hoping for influence by default when the others lose their own identities and voting balance. Whatever happens we are likely to be subjected to more and more stupid ideas from them for some time to come.


    West Yorkshire needs a council with 18,000 staff does it? What do they all do?