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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Nanny's Virtual Bonfire

Nanny's Virtual Bonfire
The fifth of November,
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

Make the most of Guy Fawkes folks, it seems that Nanny is intent on banning it. That is at least what the members of Ilfracombe Rugby Club have discovered, as they attempt to hold a Guy Fawkes party.

They will be holding the UK's first "virtual" bonfire on Guy Fawkes night, due to health and safety concerns.

Ilfracombe Rugby Club will project a previously-filmed bonfire on to a giant screen that will hang between goal posts on the pitch.

Club president Paul Crabb said:

"We've received a positive feedback,

people realise it's a little bit tongue in cheek

and a laugh that they could be seeing Britain's first virtual bonfire.

It's become a hot topic down here,

but everyone thinks it's a really quirky idea

and they're all looking forward to it

Perversely there will still be a firework display.

Mr Crabb added:

"Of course it would be cheaper to build a bonfire,

but at least it'll be safer.

When you are planning a bonfire you have to do risk assessments,

we would have needed four or five more marshals than we have

so it was all going to involve a huge amount of effort

Another fine tradition up in to speak!


  1. When I were a lad our bonfires were as big as a house and could toast marshmallows at fifty odd paces, grand. I would think that with the newer more explosive/noisy squibs they have on sale nowadays are more of a health and safety threat than a pile of burning rubbish, at least you can see that. Maybe if we were to join in with the muslims and burn an effigy of the Pope we would be encouraged more.

  2. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Erm - a rugby club performing risk assessments? Presumably they haven't applied that to the game they play ..... yet

  3. Don't give the H & S nazis any more ideas please, firemen not allowed to slide down fire poles, safety goggles for kids playing conkers etc what a nation of sheep we're becoming nowadays.

  4. If I were youger I would be off to the Dominions like a shot.
    What would have happened with today's rules if Captain Scott had said that he was going to try to reach the Pouth Pole?
    Or Drake going to fight the Armada or Nelson at trafalgar?
    Or the Few in 1940 - they would be told that a risk assessment showed thatn they had no chance and should stay on the ground.
    What a shower we have in government now and what is worrying is that a lot of the people accept it.
    Lord help our Country.