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Friday, November 03, 2006

Nanny Bans Guy Fawkes

As we approach Guy Fawkes night, Nanny does her best to spoil the event by trying to stop people letting off fireworks and holding bonfires.

However, Tower Hamlets council have gone one better, by banning Guy Fawkes night in favour of holding a £75,000 fireworks party celebrating an obscure Indian folk tale.

The knobheads in the council will hold an event called "The Emperor and The Tiger" on November 5.

Tower Hamlets Council held a Guy Fawkes-themed fireworks party last year.

Around 23,000 people turned up at Victoria Park to watch a huge model of the Houses of Parliament burn, marking the 400th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot.

However, rather than repeating a proven success the knobheads in the council say:

"We did Guy Fawkes last year."

The borough will instead celebrate a folk tale from the Bengali community which tells the story of the 'Moghul Emperor, the Wise Man and the Guardian of the Jungle'.

A 12ft long mechanical Bengal Tiger, operated by four people will pace a giant catwalk as fire lights up a 'forest' to the sound of Bangla drummers and dancers.

The PR blurb says:

"The greedy Emperor wants his taxes, and the people must pay."

How very appropriate!

John Midgley, spokesman for the Campaign Against Political Correctness, said the council's decision would "explode in their faces".

"This is blatantly ridiculous.

It's almost too insane for words.

There's a time and a place for everything and November 5 is for Bonfire Night.

It's time for common sense and for people

to tell bureaucrats that politically correct actions

like these undermine our historic occasions

and harm community relations.

This is a massive own goal

Evidently knobheads and twats are in charge in Tower Hamlets.


  1. Anonymous1:26 PM

    what the fuck has hitler got to do with ONE local council in the ENTIRE country deciding not to do a guy fawkes themed event? did you know that the year before last they did an Olympics themed event. can you tell me what that has to do with guy fawkes? are you gonna start moaning about that too?

  2. Reply to Rob Bailey:


  3. Anonymous6:51 PM

    "Evidently knobheads and twats are in charge in Tower Hamlets" Possibly, but it seems that 32 out of 51 of the councillors are of Bangladeshi origin. Accordingly, the message is that the indigenous Brits can f*ck off with their pathetic 401 year old tradition of celebrating the deliverance of their King and Parliament from terrorists. Next year don't be surprised if Tower Hamlets won't be marking November 5 at all but will move celebrations to July 7 to commemorate the heroic death of 4 freedom fighters on the London Tube.

  4. Anonymous10:56 PM


    how terribly racist of you. You should be happy to embrace and celebrate the vibrant and pulsating (am I allowed to say that Ken?) culture of our new friends.

  5. Anonymous11:03 PM

    Rob Bailey:

    and the point you're trying to make is what exactly?

  6. Anonymous12:21 AM

    I think rob Bailey misses the point about the creeping and insidious nature of the changes be eased through the society in which we live. At all locations, not just somewhere with a silly name like Tower Hamlets which has become home to people of a mostly non indigenous ethnicity.

    So be it.

    Quite why we still celebrate Fawkes' failure I don't know, given the results we see today after a few centuries of political development.

    What is there to celebrate?

    Even worse, how did the celebration become so institutionalised?

  7. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Ah, good old Guy, the only man to enter Parliament with honest intentions.
    He should have been hanged, drawn and quartered for failing.

    Oops, he was, wasn't he!!

    Sadly, British history and traditions will have disappeared before long.

  8. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Alan G

    Many thanks for your remarks: obviously - and as a matter of urgency - I require re-training in diversity awareness. I will apply to Mr Livingstone immediately for advice. Perhaps after that I can join Mr Livingstone and have a pop at the Jews.

  9. Anonymous12:08 AM

    Alan G said:

    "... vibrant and pulsating (am I allowed to say that Ken?) "

    Up to Ken of course but I think pulsating is OK, being often a work assocaited with stars.

    "Throbbing" however could be a different matter depending upon context.

    umbongo pointed out that many of the councillors in TH are possibly more aware of other aspects of British history than those who 'celebrate' Fawkes' failure. (Indeed it may be that are more aware of most British history than .... but I digress.)

    One suspects that decisions on the ground are, in most places, taken by the non-elected council officers rather than the councillors. There will no doubt be exceptions to that if the councillors have taken part in the election because they wish to ensure a very 'hands on' method of guidance for the local government employees and the victims of the local taxes.

    Of course in the case of TH it may well be that the council officers have a very similar view of history to the councillors. If that is also reflected by the population then I can't see the problem though neither can I see the connection. So the better option might be to save the money for some other expenditure. Depending upon whose pockets it is lining.