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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nanny Bans Postman Pat

Nanny Bans Postman Pat
"Postman Pat
Postman Pat
Postman Pat and his black and white cat

All together now.. "Postman Pat..."

Sing you bastards!


That is the jolly tune that I sing along to everytime I watch Postman Pat on the TV...sad individual aren't I?

Unfortunately, the good people of Market Harborough may find themselves locked up for such harmless pursuits.


Nanny has banned Postman Pat.

What? I hear you ejaculate (yes I can say ejaculate!).

Yes...Nanny has decided that Postman Pat, or rather a reasonable facsimile of him, is just too dangerous for the good people of Market Harborough to enjoy. Therefore, she has banned him.

A Postman Pat musical ride for kids is to be removed from outside a store in the St Mary's Place shopping precinct, because it's too dangerous.

The owners of St Mary's Place, who are evidently chums of Nanny, are worried that shoppers will walk into it.

Now call me pedantic..

You're pedantic Ken!

However, there are thousands of these rides (airplanes, cars, Postman Pat etc) outside thousands of shops throughout the country.

Precisely how many thousands of people walk into them, and injure themselves, on a daily basis?

Errrrmmm...none I would guess!

I would also add a small fact to the oinkment, as it were, (I know Nanny hates facts) namely that the 30p ride has been in the precinct for six years and no one has mutilated themselves by walking into it during that time.

Local businesswoman Sheryl Granger is mounting a stern resistance to Nanny, and is refusing to remove Postman Pat.


"You would have to be blind to walk into it

it poses no more danger than a bollard.

Thousands of children have ridden it

and even more people have walked by it

without a single complaint or injury

A spokesman for St Mary's Place said it was targeting "material outside shop boundaries with health and safety implications."


The people who cite health and safety issues have no more knowledge of the law/facts than Postman Pat's pussy (can I say pussy?), Jess. They live in fear of being held responsible for everything they do, and seek to avoid that responsibility by hiding behind a non existent "health and safety issue".

People like that should not be given positions of responsibility.

Regrettably many such people do in fact hold positions, where they have power over others, most notably in local councils.

Postman Pat theme tune


  1. Anonymous11:28 AM

    OK, you're pedantic, Ken.

    I'd much rather they ban those bloody annoying survey takers / compensation claimant gatherers etc. etc.
    Now they ARE a risk to your health (mental, that is).
    I'd like to kick the bloody lot of them into touch.

  2. Anonymous1:07 PM


    Tough on danger, tough on the danger!

    The rides are for kids, right?

    So ban the kids (who are far more dangerous) and the ride makes no money and will disappear.


    More peace and space for shoppers. Marvellous! ( I assume. I try to avoid shopping where possible.)

  3. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Grant said...

    "Tough on danger, tough on the danger!"

    ... which of course should have read

    Tough on danger, tough on the causes of danger!

    I can only presume that Nannie's internet monitoring systems attempted to change the meaning of my post but lack of education meant they came up with gobbledegook.

  4. Grant

    Who's this Nannie person then?


  5. Anonymous10:14 AM

    On this basis, I hereby proclaim the following are all clear and present dangers to the public, to be removed forthwith:

    The Houses of Parliament. All Local Council Buildings.

    That is all.

  6. Anonymous10:41 AM



    Who's this Nannie person then?


    Dunno, yul'l 'ave to arsk my editer or prufe reedar. Ore them snoups wat r mlntorgni, er, spiing, er, ah, WOTCHIN awl ther bloggs an' olterin' stuf lol

  7. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Broadening the scope of this theme just a little but not with the intention of hijacking, people may find this reference of passing interest.

    It seems to be the norm that our politicians, having lost any control they may have had over the larger pictures (Iraq for example) or having no control over others (potential Climate Change and all that swirls around it) now have to focus in the minutiae of our lives.

    I just might start to take notice when they collectively agree to forgo most of their priveleges and do in fact do so.

    Somehow I don't think my attention span will be troubled.

  8. Anonymous6:02 PM

    I happen to live in this town, even walk past the ride once a day hell its not exactly parked in the middle of the walkway its in close vicinity to the shoe repair shop.The only danger hazards i see are the drunks from the pub opposite trying to relive their childhood on it...but its taken inside the shop when closing time comes, or that blasted tune sending anyone mental and injury from trying to smash the thing to pieces.