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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Dangers of Singing

The Dangers of SingingNanny has something of a problem with people doing things "off their own bat", she doesn't approve of it at all.

Only those activities that are fully regulated and, by definition, fully controlled by Nanny are allowed.

Such is the fate of the Terrington Choir of Terrington All Saints Church, who were planning a grand fundraising event next year to mark the tenth anniversary of local music, drama and crafts.

Seemingly Nanny will not allow the choir to sing in the local church, until a risk assessment is commissioned.

The festival's steering committee has been told it must carry out detailed assessments of every potential risk in every location across the village, where the scores of events will be held, before it can go ahead.

Ian Hughes, the village postmaster and one of the organisers, blamed today's litigation culture for making it impossible to hold free local events.


"The world's getting crazy.

We have concerts in the church without any trouble

but we were told for the first time this year

that absolutely every last thing has to have a risk assessment done

to try and limit our liability.

I appreciate the importance of self-policing

and trying to concentrate our minds on potential problems

but this is madness.

I guess that's how life is these days.

It's because of the culture we live in these days

where the slightest thing can get you sued

Scarborough and Whitby MP, Robert Goodwill, said:

"Unfortunately, we live in a culture of blame

where even the most innocent and routine of activities

has to be insured and risk- assessed.

People have been going to Terrington All Saints Church

for hundreds of years without any catastrophes that I'm aware of.

What's next?

Bell ringers having to wear helmets in case a bell falls?

Although Terrington Feast will be going ahead,

there are other events that have had to be cancelled

because of the prohibitive cost of insurance.

Too many groups are having to jump

through the most ridiculous of hoops

to hold the simplest of charitable events

The culture of blame is nurtured and encouraged by the political classes. Time to dump the politicians methinks, and return to commonsense.


  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Ken said:

    "The culture of blame is nurtured and encouraged by the political classes. Time to dump the politicians methinks, and return to commonsense."

    I could not agree more, though I would also wish to see an insurance and legal monitoring group in an attempt to curb the spiral of blame culture stupidity.

  2. Anonymous10:12 PM


    The same rules would certainly apply to a Hindu Temple or any other religious institution, except the Religion of Peace.

    If those rules applied to the Religion of Peace, there would be mobs of ROP types rampaging through the streets screaming (and calling for) bloody murder.

    And Nanny would back off so fast, it would not be funny.

    I don't see a bunch of Anglican ladies as the types to rampage through the streets, sadly.

    Too bad the generations of socialist education has turned the once Great Brits into a nation of pussified, french girly-men. (I refuse to capitalize the name of the cheese eating surrender monkey nation!)

    Nanny must be proud.