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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Snouts in The Trough - No Special Rules For MPs

I think that you may enjoy today's article on my HMRC site.

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  1. Don't do as Nanny does; Do as she says!!

    That is all you need to remember.

    With all these "mistakes" over expenses, it begs the question: are these serial "mistake makers" really up to the job for which we pay them, given that they are so prone to making errors or mistakes?

    It also raises another couple of questions;

    a) Why has there been no focus on the fees office officials that approved and paid out these claims?

    b) Had there not been a media campaign, would the party leaders et al have come clean about the way the system was being milked and set about cleaning it up? I suspect the answer to the last question is no!!
    Are the troughers sorry they did it or sorry they got caught?

  2. honest john thief12:56 PM

    I have just been nicked for secreting seven bottles of Sainsbury's finest Whisky under my coat and leaving the store without paying. I gave back the goods and even offered to pay for them, but they still called the police. this is so unfair in the socialist utopia of Nu Labour, where every MP can just say sorry and walk away into the sunset.

    As a good honest thief I feel very discriminated against and hope Cherie Blair will defend me uman rights when I come to court.

  3. smithy1:36 PM

    Anne Widdicombe - the one who I thought had just a bit of common sense - is just another bloody numpty.

    She said on TV last night that without the chance to rip off the taxpayers and behave deplorably, the right people would not be attracted to politics.

    Dear God...

  4. Lord of Atlantis3:28 PM

    This shower are the 'right' people????? Heaven help us!