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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jacqui's Secret Army

Jacqui's IrregularsOh dear, I see our Home Economics Minister (sorry, Home Secretary) Jacqui Smith has decided to create her own secret army.

Not content with the normal police, and the "plastic" police (Police Community Support Officers), Jacqui has decided to add another layer of policing "Jacqui's Irregulars".

These are a wee army of private security guards and town hall employees (eg park wardens and car park attendants) who have "police type powers". Our "respected and efficient" Home Orifice imbues these people with their "special powers" (eg to be able to fine people for truancy and littering, and to be able to demand someone's name and address) once they have undergone "training".

Jacqui's scheme is known as the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme, members of Jacqui's Irregulars get to wear a special badge and a uniform (and we all know what happens to some jumped up jobsworths once they start to wear uniforms, don't we?).

Seemingly there are now 1,406 people who are members of Jacqui's Irregulars.

Has anyone ever come across a "Jacqui Irregular", I must admit it was news to me that a third layer of police had been created.

Errm...isn't this rather alarming?

Has this been discussed in Parliament?

Did anyone get to vote on it?

Is this merely a private army to protect Jacqui when she goes to buy a kebab?

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  1. microdave11:23 AM

    And still the Labour faithful throw scorn on anyone who claims that we live in a Police State....

  2. Anonymous11:36 AM

    At first, I thought the CSAS website ( was a pisstake and a pretty poor one at that.
    "CSAS works to reduce crime and build safer, stronger, more confident communities through voluntary sector capacity building.".
    Voluntary sector capacity building? WTF?

  3. Lord of Atlantis11:40 AM

    Police state? No, my friend, this is being done purely out of the goodness of Jacqui Smith's heart, and, of course, the innocent have nothing to fear.

  4. Lord of Atlantis11:45 AM

    Anonymous said...
    "Voluntary sector capacity building? WTF?"

    Government spin for 'encouraging people to spy on their friends and neigbours and to grass them up to Nanny's jobsworths for the most petty of indiscretions.'

  5. Anonymous2:30 PM

    DO any of these layers of police actually catch real criminals?

  6. microdave3:44 PM

    Lord of Atlantis - "the goodness of Jacqui Smith's heart" - don't be silly, no-one that evil could possibly have one.

    And all those "innocent" MP's are fearing quite a lot at the moment!

    "Voluntary sector capacity building" - sounds very Common Purpose to me...

  7. Tonk.3:49 PM

    When I read the newspaper report on this, what worried me somewhat was the fact that once a person had undergone training, they could then pay a fee to have these powers!!
    So let's get this right; Your private or public sector organisation sends you on a training course for which they pay about £330, once completed, you pay just shy of £40 and hey presto!! You become a Kerching issuer...Where does this revenue go? Let's face it, an organisation would not "pay for these powers" unless there was something in it for them. I would imagine that, the type of company that does wheel clamping with uniformed thugs would be very keen to diversify.

    This is a very sinister move by our Home Home Economics Secretary(sic) and I suspect many a fascist would be proud of her.
    Will Mr Cameron do anything about this nation of government snoopers?

  8. As someone who grew up during the Hitler war, when government snoopers were held in deepest contempt, I can only blink and rub my eyes at the lemming rush of 21st century Britons and Americans into the arms of the Universal Big Brother State engineered to “protect” us since 9/11. The notion that every car journey I make is filmed and logged by some faceless bureaucrat is utterly chilling. The current hysterical fuss over MPs’ expenses claims and calls for the ‘democratisation’ of politics is quite meaningless if none of the major parties pledges itself to roll back the tentacles of the Intrusive Society. Without privacy there is no freedom. Winston Churchill’s infamous ‘Gestapo’ 1945 election broadcast was more prescient than even he imagined.

  9. Anonymous1:26 AM

    The climate of fear generated by the recent killings made by the police; which we know will be covered up or smoke-screened away, means it has made a great deal of weak minded individuals to look for approval by offering their help to spy on their neighbours, this happens when society is ready to go through an awakening, so we have to look at all these crazy ideas by Jacqui(my husband needs porn) Smith as some sort of bonus to let those of us who are awake to prepare for all the new rules to prevent the rest of society to wake up from the big lie.