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Monday, May 18, 2009

Nanny's Little Helpers - Catch Them Young II

Nanny's Child Spies
Way back in September 2008 I warned about certain local councils employing children (some as young as 8) to photograph and video people who infringe local council rules; eg dog fouling, littering and Nanny's most heinous of all crimes...


Some councils were paying £500 a pop to encourage the kids to spy for them.

Catch them young and they will yours forever!

Well it seems that people have chosen to ignore my warning, and put a stop to this Nazification of our young, as the Mail reports that councils are still recruiting children to act as "environment volunteers" and report on litter louts, noisy neighbours and families putting their rubbish out on the wrong day.

It seems that there are now 9,000 people signed up to Nanny's spy scheme.

A spokesman for Islington town hall (one of the boroughs using children as spies) is quoted:

"It's not possible for the council to see what's going on in the borough at all times, so our Eyes for Islington are a great help, reporting issues such as dangerous footpaths, fly-tipping and graffiti."

I warn you again, to encourage children to spy on their fellow citizens is a very dangerous development; it mirrors the tactics of the Nazis and will result in the enslavement of the people by the state, by encouraging an atmosphere of fear and mistrust of our fellow citizens.

You were warned, and I have now warned you again!

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  1. Ken,

    I agree, the other question this issue begs is this; What the hell are parents doing to allow their kids to be used like this?
    In Iraq and in the old USSR, every road had a party snooper.....What a nasty place our once great nation has become.

  2. Number 612:06 PM

    Seig heil. Your ID cards please. CCTV on every street, BBC knows where you live so pay up for labour propogada.

    Christ, can I still use the Lord's name or is that 'islamapobic' according the thought police, what the hell is this country becoming.

    First move, get rid of stasi neu labour next get out of the EU - the root cause of all the state control so vigorously enforced by their sock puppets in parliament.

    All of the main parties are EU stooges. Make a start on telling them to get stuffed by voting UKIP at the Euros.

  3. microdave1:33 PM

    Tonk, Considering that kids today are allowed to do pretty much what they like, I doubt that this would be a problem. If you were young, and found yourself being offered a tidy sum of money for a few photos (which can easily be taken on your shiny new mobile phone), what would you do?

    If some of the feral parents found out, they would probably give the kids more information, particularly if it allowed them to "shop" a neighbour they didn't like....

  4. Tonk.1:55 PM


    Yeah good points.

    In Nu Labourland:

    Rule 1
    Kids can do no wrong
    Rule 2
    When kids do wrong; refer to rule 1

  5. Yet another idea pinched from Judge Dredd... The "Judge Friend" storyline where kids earn points for snitching on neighbours has cropped up a few times.

    Yes, I'm 35 and I still read comics. Maybe I should go out and take pictures of my neighbours' bins so I can afford my subscription.

  6. Don't get out of the EU.Reform it. Vote Libertas on June 4. If we came out of the EU we'd rapidly become the 51st state of the USA. Is that what you UKIPpers want?

  7. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells6:10 PM

    "Yet another idea pinched from Judge Dredd... The "Judge Friend" storyline where kids earn points for snitching on neighbours has cropped up a few times."

    Not just Judge Dredd, Mosher. There are also the Junior Spies in Orwell's 1984: ZaNuLabour and Common Purpose' instruction manual.

  8. It was hard enough to tell kids off for wrongdoings before, thanks to idiotic laws. Now you have the added risk of them setting up something to take a pic of while you are out of the house and earning themselves a few bob while getting their own back on you. Unbelievable.

    In addition to this, can someone please explain to me this 'putting rubbish out on the wrong day' scenario? I go away a lot and therefore sometimes put my rubbish out a day or two early. If the preference is for me to leave aforementioned bin by the side of the house and attract vermin and suchlike from all over the place for the 1-3 weeks that I could be away, then so be it. I would then probably have that photographed and be fined for infesting the nearby area.

    can't win

  9. It's a shame this has descended into a load of lets hate children comments. Children are being used by councils for their own purposes and yet here those who are commenting are blaming the children.

    Were the Hilter Youth to blame for the Hilter Youth or were children hijacked for use by the state?

    There is a great deal of propaganda about children. Painting them either as totally helpless victims or evil vermin scum depending on what Nu Labour want to do with them.

    Children and families are very much at the top of the agenda for the nanny state right now.

  10. Speenzman8:03 PM

    So let me get this straight, children as young as 8 are being paid to spy on their neighbours, photograph these 'heinous' crimes and, if they spot a 'criminal' and provide evidence of the crime they get paid for it. Similarly the police and private detectives get paid to gather evidence of crime and get paid for it. Well maybe if I photograph one of these kids photographing their neighbours for money I'll get paid for providing evidence of a crime- child labour. Or arrested.

  11. Number 67:54 AM

    Anticant,have you read the UKIP manifesto? They want a free trading and independent UK. Independent being well independent.

    We would deal with the US and the rest of the world as we see fit and not as the EU sees fit.

    Libertas spouts the same old bollocks as the Tories "In Europe but not run by Europe" and look where that puts us!

  12. Wanting something is not the same as it being achievable. You UKIP lot resemble Beaverbrook's impractical and futile 'Empire Free Trade' camapaign of the 1930s. Little Englander isolationists.

    If wishes were horses.......

  13. Anonymous9:16 AM

    If wishes were horses I would tell you to get on one and ride out of town. Another spineless sell out to the EU, bleating about reform and criticising anyone who wants to bring true independence back to this once great country as a "little Englander."

    If there were many more like you around at the time of the last war we would be speaking German by now as you obviously don't believe in fighting for a cause you believe in.

  14. As I grew up during WW2 (which I presume is what you mean by "the last war", although we have been involved in a good many since, and two - at least one of which is illegal - are going on right now) and you probably weren't born then, please don't lecture me about patriotism.

    When was this country last "truly independent"? I guess not since 1914. Ever since then, we've been increasingly tied to America's apron strings, financially, economically, and politically.

    Do learn some history and stop spouting ignorant rubbish.

  15. General Sherman1:10 PM

    Anon, don't be too hard on Anticant I have read his profile and he is in his dotage and in poor health. This would explain his postings. Poor old sod.

  16. Number 61:17 PM

    General, just read Mr Anticant's profile and have to agree with you. He really should not strain himself with matters he does not understand and go and have a nice cup of coco while nurse wipes the drool away as he spouts his anti-American nonsense while she says that'e right dear it is all those nasty Americans fault. Have you taken your pills now, do you need your potty."

  17. General S and Number 6, if childish personal insults are the best you can put up in the way of "argument", there's nothing more to be said except that this type of drivel demeans nobody but yourselves.

    UKIP are a bunch of impractical dreamers, and either ignorant of history or downright dishonest. They have just sent round a leaflet "Say NO to European Union" featuring a picture of Winston Churchill. In fact, Churchill was consistently one of the foremost advocates of a United States of Europe - see his September 1946 Zurich speech and many others.

    But I suppose he was as senile then as you say I am now.

  18. Number 610:18 PM

    Churchill was indeed in favour of a unified Europe, post world war 2. You will find that your most hated Americans were also in favour of such a union. However, it is doubtful that Churchill (as a nationalist) would have condoned surrender of national determnation to a suprnational power determning every aspect of life in Europe - he did, after all, spend many years fighting just such an ideal espoused by one Adolph Hitler.

    I do not think you are senile, just another fool who is happy to sell out his country to the super socialist state of the EU.

  19. You are welcome to think me a fool. I won't trade insults with you - it's not my style of blogging.

    I am not "anti-American". I have many good American friends. But American society, and politics, are very different from ours and there has always been a strong strain of dislike of Britain and our hated "imperialism" by the American ruling classes. Diplomatically, economically, and in defence matters we have effectively been America's poodle at least since Suez in 1956. We no longer have the imagined "go it alone" capacity to stand aside in proud isolation from either America or Europe. In fact, we need both. I agree that there is a great deal that is wrong with the EU, but we should muscle in there and force reform from within if we want to have any effective influence in the world.

    That is my viewpoint, which is neither senile nor foolish, unlike paranoid UKIP/BNP anti-European and racist rants.

    Anyway, this isn't really the site to debate such issues. And if you do want to debate with me, keep a civil tongue in your head.

  20. Folks please can you take this personal dispute outside, thanks.

  21. Number 62:09 PM

    Ken, how nannyish of you - this is not a personal dispute, merely a discussion of divergent views conducted in a virile (can I say that on your site now) fashion about the state of nannyism in this country, which I believe emenates from the EU and is rubber stamped by what passes for our government.

    Taking the piss is a great British institution and I fully support and engage in it against others and when directed at me. Keeping a civil tongue in one's head is pure nanny speak for 'behave yourself and follow the rules as laid down by yout betters.

  22. Number 63:03 PM


    I have reviewed my comments on the past few posts and feel that they are a little too personal in their nature.

    I enjoy hearty debate and do not mind offending or being offended by others - I view it as akin to having a good discussion/row down the pub without the possibility of ending up in a punch up I should add.

    That said, I am big enough to admit that I may have got too personal with the verbiage toward some posters. To you all, I salute your passion and commitment to giving nanny a good kicking wherever possible.

    I look forward to further debates and to the day when we can throw nanny in the grave, head to the pub and then take a long 'restroom break' as our American friends say on the freshly turned dirt.