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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Nanny Bans Teaspoons IV

It would appear from this follow up comment, made by the contributor of the Asda teaspoon story, that Asda are not the only supermarket imposing an id rule for the purchase of teaspoons.

"I sent the original photo in. Asda can deny it all they like but they'd be lying if they did. I've seen the receipt & I still have the photo of it on my phone - it says 'teaspoons', 'ID required, 18', my wife has it in her possession. She is not a liar, neither am I.

In the spirit of mischief my wife went to Tesco today & tried to purchase 2 latte teaspoons (the long handled & therefore potentially lethal variety) using the self service checkout.

Sure enough an assistant was required & she was asked for proof of ID. You need to be over 18.

What kind of insanity is this? I urge everyone to go to their local supermarket & buy spoons - use the self service checkout to force an assistant to make you provide ID. Then refuse to provide it.

If they insist on this moronic rule, walk out & leave the stuff where it is: it's not yours until you've paid for it

In the spirit of the above, I suggest that we conduct a series of tests, the length and breadth of the country, to id which supermarket chains and stores require id for the purchase of teaspoons.

Those that require an id should be named, shamed and boycotted.

Please post your findings on this site.

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  1. According to T.S.Eliot, our lives are measured out in coffee spoons. Now, it would seem, our personal identity is tied to teaspoons.

    What utterly insane twaddle!

    Luckily, I possess enough teaspoons not to have to purchase any more for the remainder of my life.

  2. My brother was ID'ed for a teaspoon in a Tesco Ireland store recently enough also, so its managing to get in to other states too..

  3. Anonymous12:13 AM

    On a related matter, why do airside WH smith stores at Heathrow insist on seeing your boarding pass before selling a copy of The Daily Mail? I turn my heels at this point leaving them to put the paper back on the display rack. Absurd!

  4. Dedicated to all those who would keep silent.

    In the democracy, they came first for the Extremists, but I did not say anything because I was not an extremist.

    Then they came for the conspiracy theorists and the denialists, but I did not say anything because I was not a conspiracy theorist or a denialist.

    Then they came for a the Targeted Individuals, but again I did not say anything because I was not a Targeted Individual.

    Then they came for the outspoken and the some of the Christians, but I did not say anything then either, because I was not outspoken or a Christian.

    Then they came for me, and by this time there was no one left to speak.


    The poem is written by a Targeted Individual, it's a rework of the original Martin Niemoller poem, and it's written with the hope of waking up this current generation before it is once again too late.

  5. Number 69:52 AM

    Spoons are very dangerous indeed - that is why the feral youth gangs that nanny lets run wild in our major cities don't dare touch them, prefering non ID required semi automatic handguns.

  6. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Number 6 said: “Spoons are very dangerous ...”.

    Experience has taught me that spoons should be treated with the respect they deserve.

    I remember coming home one day breathtakingly hungry only to find that the microwave oven wouldn't start. Not to be deterred, I dug out an old pressure-cooker saucepan that hadn't been used for years. Only problem was, it was missing a little metal bung designed to block off a hole and keep the pressure in. Hunger being the mother of invention, I decided to use a tablespoon to hold down over the hole. It was intended as a one-off temporary solution lasting a maximum of maybe 10 minutes.

    Everything started well but after a couple of minutes my concentration lapsed, the spoon slipped off the hole and the pressure cooker erupted like a volcano. Instead of the dinner ending up in my stomach, it ended up sprayed across the ceiling and down the walls.

    It was an example of what can happen when a spoon falls into the wrong hands.

  7. You mean "when a spoon falls out of the wrong hands".

  8. Anonymous6:02 PM

    I refuse to use the self serve isles. This is someone's job that is being lost.

  9. Ross Bourne7:25 PM

    I've sent the following comment to ASDA based on the extremely concerning revelation that a teaspoon can be used to murder someone.

    I was extremely concerned to learn that a teaspoon can be used to murder another living soul and terribly distressed to find out these dangerous implements are available to anyone who wishes to purchase one! Armed with a desire to help protect my fellow human being, I have identified another potentially lethal instrument and would appreciate your deliberation on the matter.
    Having visited a number of your stores over the years and seen the age and size of some of your employees (more notably the younger or student employees) - and also knowing that there are people on this planet of a somewhat large size and great strength - it has occurred to me that it would be extremely easy to simply pick up a cashier and swing them directly at a customer. As the human skull is a fragile thing when dealing with sudden, sharp blows, the carnage that would ensue from such an action would result in one dead employee and one dead customer. This simply would not do in today's society and as a result I strongly urge you to ban all cashiers, or at the least only provide them to shoppers over the age of 18. Hopefully, this would prevent such a tragic incident from ever occuring. Many thanks.

  10. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Its all here ..

  11. Lord of Atlantis12:17 PM

    I am not one to encourage or even condone breaking the law but, under the circumstances, perhaps Lobelia Sackville-Baggins (from the book 'The Hobbit') had the right idea!

  12. Anonymous1:01 PM

    I found some more lethal cutlery yesterday: