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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Tears of a Clown

Oh dear oh dear, Nanny's health and safety Gestapo have donned their jackboots again and have decreed that the circus is a dangerous environment.

Is Nanny worried about people being sat on by an elephant?


Is Nanny worried about people being eaten by lions?


Nanny is worried that clowns may trip up over their enormous shoes!

Ermmmm...isn't that the farking point of the shoes and of a clown act? Namely that the clown falls flat on his face...preferably into a custard pie or bath of beans etc?

Seemingly not, according to Nanny. Valerik Kashkin, a clown, was recently told by his bosses that he can no longer wear his giant (size 18) shoes because they are a health risk.

Mr Kashkin was performing in Britain with the Moscow State Circus when he fell off a 10ft high wire, hurting his left foot.

His bosses decided that the shoes represented a clear and present danger to his health and safety (ignoring the fact that he was walking on a me old fashioned and risk averse, but surely that was the health an safety issue?).

The health and safety rule also rather ignores other "risky" features of his act; eg he dresses himself first while walking on a wire then, within a hoop of fire, plays a drum-kit, trumpet and double-bass all at the same time.

I would venture to suggest that the shoes are the least of the risks facing Mr Kashkin!

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  1. Number 611:43 AM

    Send in the clowns - don't bother theyr'e here. From some Andrew Llyod Stringfellow musical or other. Quite an apt theme tune for the current crowd of elf and saferty monkeys though.

  2. Tonk.2:17 PM

    'Elf'n'Safety is destroying our country.....We have become a nation of scaredy cats; frightened of our own shadows.
    Whatever happened to our stiff upper lip and zinc kneecap?
    What happened to our dunkirk spirit....I am really glad that I grew up in a time when we scraped our knees and blacked our eyes on occassions....Life for kids today must be so dull, perhaps that is the reason why so many turn to extreme sports in later life....Perhaps the reason so many of our young have silly accidents, is because they are unable to weigh up a situation in terms of risk for themselves.

  3. Lord of Atlantis3:24 PM

    The biggest clown here is the twat who has decided it's their business (which it most certainly is NOT) to interfere with Mr Kashkin's act. I can only assume this jobsworth was not allowed to watch clowns at the circus when younger and, consequently, has a phobia about them. Alternatively, perhaps they are some sad character whose only pleasure comes from ruining other people's enjoyment. Either way, instead of pandering to these cretins, it is high time someone told them to **** off!

  4. microdave6:17 PM

    I don't see much to look forward to at the moment, but I'm grateful that I grew up before this evil curse descended on us. I found out that 240 volt mains can hurt when I was 8!

    I used to be left in charge of the Metalwork class at school, when the teacher wanted to sneak off for a quick smoke. Can you imagine the legal consequences of that now?

    I can also recall my Chemistry teacher flying into a rage at some concoction I was making - apparently it was capable of blowing the entire classroom up! We didn't wear eye-shields and all the protective clothing that kids have to now.