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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Dangers of Popcorn

As you munch your way through your three metric tonnes bucket of popcorn and guzzle the gallon container of fizzy sugared water at you local cinema, fear not for your health and girth anymore.

Nanny's Food Standard's Agency (FSA) recognises that you are a moron, and that you need to be told that eating such vast quantities of shite is bad for you. As such the FSA is calling for the calorific value of these products to be clearly displayed, and for a ban on "super size" portions.

Does it not occur to the FSA that people are well aware that gorging on vast quantities of shite, such as this, will inevitably lead to some form of weight gain?

Interference by the FSA will not make the slightest difference to people's habits in their local cinemas.

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  1. Nanny's answer to everything;

    Ban it
    Tax it
    Regulate it

    Enjoy popcorn responsibly

    Search on-line for my trousers don't fit me now.

  2. Old Greeny12:28 AM

    But surely Nanny MUST realise that those folks who like to eat such stuff won't read the "warnings"? Just like those of us who smoke because we enjoy it, drink because we like beer, and indulge in other things Nanny deems "bad" for us, totally ignore her pathetic "warning" messages. Beats me...

  3. Hmmm! The alternative is to buy some of that microwave popcorn, do all four bags at once, pour it into a bucket, rent a DVD and pig out at home. About a tenth of the cost of the cinema and you don't get Nanny wagging her pointy finger at you.

  4. All you have to do is stop eating the sugar/honey coated crap. Unsweetened popcorn is actually very healthy. Low in fat and even have very high levels of antioxidants!. Salted popcorn may be of concern, but only because we live in a statics based world where the advice is the entire population must stop eating salt because 10% is at risk of high blood pressure from too much salt.

    Still, expect a £50m TV ad campaign to tell us about the dangers of popcorn. Gov ads now must make up the majority of ITV's income.

  5. Grant2:34 AM

    Will they reuire the warning labels to be illuminated so that people can read them as they stuff their faces in the darkness?

    Or perhaps they could simply use the alleged facility of subliminal messages to influence the entire audience, whether popcorn eaters or not.

    What was the number for that bullying hotline?