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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, February 02, 2010



I was watching the goggle box last night, and during the space of one hour I was visually assaulted four times by adverts from Nanny telling me to stop smoking and warning me that I may get mouth cancer if I drink more than 2 glasses of a wine a day.

Wrt to the latter, this is as likely as a piano falling on my head. Nanny has gathered together all the possible things that people tend to die of, and blamed them on drink.

Hardly scientific!

Hardly effective!

Why is she wasting vast sums of our money on lecturing us in this fashion?

Simple, there is an election around the corner and she needs to look busy. She does not give a flying fig for the scientific accuracy or not of these daft sermons, she only cares about looking busy.

Still, at least these monumental wastes of money keep some members of the "beloved" advertising industry in work!

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  1. Nannys adverts have as much scientific basis as a impassioned plea from the NSPCC.
    Facts seem to be irrelevant these days, emotion seems to be the order of the day.
    As long as she includes the words "scientists say" or some such, she can follow it with any alarmist bolocks she wants.
    That tells us nothing. It could be a newly graduated zooligist saying he beleives booze is deadly because everyone who drank it 200 years ago is dead, as far as we know.

    Simple Scientists Say - do as nanny tells you!

    Nanny spend millions warning us about:

    level crossings
    how to granny
    Driving with phones
    Driving while tired
    Not paying car tax
    Sexual diseases

    Well fucking Duh!

  2. As I have mentioned once or twice on here before, I am sick to the back teeth of Nanny's propaganda coming at me every ad break....Don't do tyhis or you'll die and up set the kids.....Do this or we'll 'ave yer.....It gets very tedious after a while.....If you obey Nanny's every diktat in relation to health, you won't actually live any longer but, by Christ it will bloody seem like it.....We are being farmed by Nanny....In her opinion, we are born to work and taxed to death....Nanny feels that any activity that we enjoy stops us from working as much as we can....Don't go to the pub....Do some more bloody work.....Don't take time to eat, smoke or drink, you could be working and paying even more tax!!!

    I wonder how many commercial TV companies and Radio stations would go out of business but for Nanny's advertising revenue....And at what cost; One of the main "independent" news channels has become almost a party political broadcast for Nanny....I have had to stop watching the press review at 23-30hrs as I was in danger of throwing my pint glass at the TV screen.

    On previous threads I have suggested that Nanny's mantra is don't do as she does, do as she says however, I feel that now needs up dating....Just do as kids tell you is her new mantra!!

    Enjoy being threatened in your own home by Nanny responsibly.

    Search on line for "Brain washed by Nanny."

  3. Speenzman12:38 PM

    "Einstein says "God is subtle but he is not malicious." Therefore scientists say God is real so you must stop smoking and drinking because God won't like it and will send you all to hell. By following our advice you'll actually be saving your souls, it's for your own good. Do as we tell you there's a good little citizen."

    "Perfect" said the editor of Nannycast Productions, "they'll love that, come on lads lets spark up and head off down the pub".

    "That's amazing" said Nanny Smart-Jacket Jobsworth Workdrone to the employees of Nannycast Productions the next day in his £3bn office, "well done lads, whiskys all round".

    I should write a novel! :-)

  4. Here is a list of ads I have recently seen on TV or heard on radio(Gold) from Nanny....
    Do your tax return or else
    Pay your TV license or else
    Pay your car tax or else
    Stop smoking coz the kid says so
    Don't drink
    Join the Navy
    Join the Army
    Grass your neighbour
    Drive less or you'll kill the planet, do it for the sake of the kids
    Get out of the way of emergency vehicles
    Be careful at level crossings
    Crime figures..Britain is safe
    Become a social worker
    Become a teacher
    Register to vote
    Child maintenance
    Slow down or you'll kill a kid
    Don't take drugs

    It amazes me how many of Nanny's campaigns exploit kids to get over her message.....I said "no" to one of my grandchildren the other day and guess what, the kid still survived and still thinks I'm great, that really goes against nanny's prefered message doesn't it?

  5. Bucko1:37 PM

    .......and now sunbeds. Im reading the Lancashire Telegraph and the health secretary wants to ban sunbed use for under 18s.
    Will tanning salons have to adopt that daft "if you are lucky enough to look under 25" rubbish too?

    Crime figures - Britain is safe.
    Do you remember the old crime adverts (car/house ect) that ended with - "Crime (bum bum) - Together we'll crack it!"
    Now they end with "Crime (bum bum) - lets bring it down"


  6. Tonk.1:42 PM


    Sadly, I can recall almost all of Nanny's little propaganda films over the years.....They annoy me so much, I always remember them!!

    Talking of mad ID/proof of age requests; Look at this one, but put your coffee down fist;-)

  7. Bucko3:17 PM

    Quiche? WTF?

  8. Captain Haddock8:05 PM

    Having read about the Tesco "quiche" fiasco ..One has to wonder why the poor, embarrassed customer didn't demand to see the Manager, there & then & further demand an explanation and public apology for such fuckwittery ?

    Its precisely what I would have done ..

  9. microdave9:34 PM

    You shouldn't tempt fate Ken, I've seen quite a few pigs flying past my window lately, you never know when a falling piano might get you....