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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Porkman Power

Porkman Power
Nanny's campaign against booze continues apace.

Remember loyal readers that I warned time and time again that once Nanny had dealt with the smokers, she would move onto the drinkers (after that will target those who eat fat, sugar and salt).

Anyhoo, Nanny wants to force alcohol brands to display health warnings on labels.

The Department of Health claims that only 15% of drinks provide enough information about units and health harms.

So what?

We are bombarded with messages from Nanny's bunker about the dangers of booze, doesn't she think that we are able to make informed decisions without further bombardment?

All of which is highly ironic given MPs' predispositions to being fat, corrupt, substance abusing smokers.

Nanny has three options for compliance: voluntary adherence, enforced compliance via industry body The Portman (Porkman) Group or required to comply by law.

Warnings on fag packets are ignored, why does Nanny think that warnings on booze will be treated with anything more than the contempt that they deserve?

Here's a radical thought, how about politicians keeping their mouths shut for a good long time and stop interfering in people's lives?

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  1. Alcohol, I suspect, is the only way some people can escape the realities of living in Nanny's Britain.

  2. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells11:24 AM

    Tonk. said...

    "Alcohol, I suspect, is the only way some people can escape the realities of living in Nanny's Britain."

    No, Tonk. Nanny's Big Pharma paymasters are developing Soma, and don't want a natural competitor.

    Enjoy drinking yourself into oblivion responsibly - while you can.

  3. Once nanny brings in draconian labelling laws, the alcohol industry will immediately bend over backwards in their attempts to comply.

    I've mentioned before that I worked for a brewery when the smoking ban came in. They spent enough money on compliance to buy a small banana republic. If the major breweries had stuck together and spent their many millions on fighting the ban rather than complying with it, they would have had it overturned with little problem.
    They are totally spineless.
    And the more laws nanny brings in without resistance, the further they want to go.

  4. Ermmm . . . I think that most people already know that long-term heavy drinking presents health risks, and those who don't already know this probably can't make sense of the labels on the bottles anyway (illiteracy, wet brain, etc.), so who exactly are these warning labels supposed to benefit?

    Nanny does need to get her head 'round the concept that most adults (physicians included) don't really do all those good things, and abstain from all those bad things, that the health profession keeps recommending. It could be because we're ignorant of their advice, but more likely it's because the prospect of pissing into a diaper at the age of ninety isn't really sufficiently motivating.

  5. Anonymous2:14 PM

    It seems to me that we need about 80-90% less MPs, councillors and other busy bodies around.

    That way, the remaining few can got on with the actual administration work of running a country and not have so much time on their hands that they feel they have to interfere with every aspect of our lives.

  6. I welcome the introduction of warning labels. I had not realised until now that alcohol made me drunk. What would I do without nanny.

  7. So because of Labour's illiterate classes we can look forward yo pictures of livers and various body parts on the dining table. has nanny no taste?

  8. Grant8:37 PM

    Hmm, Koba, good point.

    Now that means there will be new markets for bottle covers, or label removers or decanters or .... well, a number of things.

    I wonder if some entrepreneur has been whispering in Nanny's ear?

    On the other hand the idea of taking a bottle of something special, as sold in the UK market, and laying it down for a few decades as an investment may well be scuppered. But how many would care? I would guess that most who can afford such a luxury already live abroad or are planning to in order to escape the tax snatch.

    So far as I have heard this is not an EU diktat (yet?) so I assume it must one of the few things that Nanny is allowed to play with on her own account without being beholden to her minders in Brussels.